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Tudor Family Reunion
January 8, 2011


"How is Uncle Hank doing in his search for a happy wife and a legitimate heir? 
 What about Aunt Mary, is she still such a religious fanatic? 
And how about good Aunt Lizzy, will she ever decide on who she wants to marry? 
 Is Cousin Eddie feeling any better?

You get the drift, its time to dish the dirt and find out just what the Tudor family has been getting up to over the centuries.  Well be in the wonderfully Gothic hall of Trinity Episcopal Church, right in the center of town."

"The hall will be candlelit and overhead will hang the heraldic banners of the various tribes and families.  Tudors will be gathering from the far corners of the county, come to recognize and be recognized. 

Join us in this happy throng as we celebrate the feast of Twelfth Night.  See the clan and ring in the New Year with tradition and style."


As the family entered the Great Hall,
they stepped into the vestibule
 where they were checked against
 the list of registered attendees.

Thus began a joyous evening!

A young harpist played music
as guests found seats
at the tables.

Over in the corner, a vignette had been
configured so that images of
the guests could be easily
captured on film.

Hostess for the evening, Miss Kimberly
strikes an attractive pose for us.

Miss Margie provided a historical test
as part of this evening's entertainment.

Attendees were encouraged to come dressed
in various eras relating to the Tudor family.

Can you help me dear?  My gown seems
to have become unfastened...

It is always good to visit with friends and family!

This gathering space was well suited for the needs of this event.
Through the windows in the background, one can see
the lights of contemporary downtown Seattle buildings.

Dressed in green & black, our servers for this evening are students of Holy Names Academy, Seattle.

Miss Kimberly calls the attention of our family.
"We will be served our meal very shortly.
If everyone would take their seats..."

"As our own cellar is depleted as of late, it is good you
brought your own wine or ale for your enjoyment. 

The four course menu includes delicacies from abroad such as olives, lemon, almonds, cardamom, and melon.  Roast beef with pepper sauce, roast chicken with lemon sauce, fish with rosewater sauce,
are some of the dishes for you to select from. 
There are enticing sweets to tempt your palate - Custard Lombard, apple turnover, cakes. 
All have been prepared with skill, a feast to celebrate the holiday season!"

Between courses of the dinner, a story teller (Miss Marion) amazed
us with tales of mystery and magic.

A flexible wooden screen was used to
shield the meal preparation area
from those dining in the Great Hall.


As Miss Marion regaled us with her stories,
the guests were caught up in the details
and were very quiet.



Now it was time for the troubadours to begin!

On the wall, are images of the extended Tudor Family.

Guests were invited to step up to the wall, pen in hand,
and make note of their particular contribution to the family tree.

Sir Harry and Lady Victoria of Essex
paused long enough for a quick photo.

Dressed in resplendent crown (complete with frogs!),
Miss Carol carried a tankard & a peacock fan.


Each table had been given a quiz.

As a group, we were to answer each question.
The questions were difficult.
Unless you had memorized the family tree,
it would be a challenge to answer.

In the photo (right),  Miss Kimberly
looks on as Miss Margie reads
the results of the quiz.

The winning table was located near
the back of the hall.
Miss Kimberly delivered the prize.

It is the function of the ribbons to
hold the sleeves onto the bodice!

Miss Bobbie (Treasurer of SITU), strikes a
darling pose with her husband.

It seems that the Tudor Family Reunion
has drawn more than one
good "man of the cloth!"

Here, dressed in red, is Rob with wife Barb.
Their friend, Barbara, has come along
to the reunion as well.

Who is being coy behind the fan?

Why, it's Miss Karen!

Here, one can see many of the close-up
details of Miss Karen's beadwork
on her gown.  She created it all!!!

Miss Karen is a very talented historical costumer
and has graced our group with her skills
by teaching a class on decorative beading!

If you would like to see examples of her other work, visit our other webpage called,
Tudor Design Studio or Beading Workshop

Lady Victoria (Event Planner for SITU),
poses for a quick photo near the end of the evening.

This photo is courtesy of
Gordon Plumb.

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Updated December 26, 2011

The beautiful stained-glass background image used here, is courtesy of Kriss Szkurlatowksi. 
This photo can be found at Stockexhange.