Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Beaded Embellishments Workshop
Aug. 21, 2010

Members and friends of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (the historical costuming club based in the Seattle, Washington area), met up one afternoon to learn how to create beautiful, beaded embellishments on fabric.  The intent was to learn this technique so that it could be transferred to embellishing garments & accessories!

Our instructor on this day was Miss Karen (left), who
graciously taught everyone the techniques needed to complete some incredibly beautiful creations!

Here, Miss Roz is double-checking instructions.

This large gathering space is in a Seattle Public Library.
The ladies were instructed to bring their own supply of beads,
thread, needles, etc.  Examples of intricate design ideas
were handed out for the ladies to choose a favorite.

The class was limited to 12 participants.  Each space was quickly filled!

Here, Lady Paisley has beautiful beads and supplies spread out before her.

These two ladies already had a bead collection!

What do you think Miss Sharon - should I use this color?


This is not as simple as we thought it would be.
It requires concentration and patience.
At least we know the way that Miss Karen is
showing how to do this, will prevent beads from
falling everywhere in case a thread gets caught.

Miss Candice is doing a great job!
Her beading will be turned into a purse
for a special outfit she has planned.

Miss Karen brought along examples of
her incredible work.  She has everything
from tams and purses to vests.

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