Somewhere in Time, Unlimited Presents:

Tudor Design Studio
August 21, 2010

r**Quick housekeeping item:  The beautiful stained-glass background image used here, is courtesy of Kriss Szkurlatowksi.  This photo can be found at Stockexhange.

Members and friends of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited the historical costuming club in Seattle, Washington USA, met on this day to learn about the Tudor era in history.

The Design Studio was taught by Lady Paisley
and Miss Karen.  Lady Paisley was tasked with explaining what was occurring in history and how the garments evolved over time, while Miss Karen brought many, fine examples of historical reenactment garments she had created.

As you can see, the Design Studio was well attended by men and women both!  The subject matter was very interesting for sure.

The objective was to learn about the era, so we could begin designing in our minds, what we would wear to the Tudor Family Reunion, SITU's Winter Event in January, 2011.

When we had learned so many interesting facts and details about the Tudor era, we were asked to turn around
in our seats and pay attention to Miss Karen.

Miss Karen spoke about each of the garments she brought with her. 
There was a wide range of color tones,
density of fabrics (Winter vs. Summer weights),
 beaded embellishments to envy, all sorts of
accessories too.

Here are close-up images of the items...

On this garment, Miss Karen had created extensive beadwork on both the dress body, as well as the stomacher ("v"-shaped piece which is the front of the bodice top) in green, accented in intricate design.

Miss Karen has used a wonderful gold braid.

This gown has a great flourish pattern all over the fabric!

Miss Karen explained that she constructed her gowns with detachable sleeves.  They can be tied onto the garment in the shoulder area.
This allows for more flexibility in exchanging out the various sleeves.

As you can see, Miss Karen has the class spellbound!

Miss Karen's beadwork is amazing.  She uses the very small to the very large beads, creating amazing texture and interest on a costume!

Miss Karen  shows us the details of the large, beaded embellishments intended for the stomacher she is building.

Here, one of the classmates turns over the embellishment
to view the backside detailing.

This class has been SO interesting and has definitely
captured the imaginations of the attendees!

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