Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Sorrento hotel
Centennial Tea
November 1, 2009

In honor of the centennial celebrations of Seattle's Sorrento Hotel,
members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) chose to hold an autumn tea at the hotel.

Until that day, the weather had been blustery and we looked forward to "settling in" near the fire
in the famous "Fireside Room" with its large tapestry and leather chairs.

One could just imagine the bygone generations enjoying a cigar while they sipped
an alcoholic beverage or lingered over coffee, all in the hopes of "being seen"
by the notable folks in town.  It was, after all, the year of the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (AYPE)
and everyone who was anyone, would be in town!

The following 3 images were provided to SITU, courtesy of the Sorrento Hotel, Seattle.


Here, Miss Bobbie strikes a coquettish pose
near the front doors of the elegant hotel.
Sir Harry of Essex pauses at the forged iron gates which mark the entry sweep of the driveway. "My, she's glamorous!"

Parked on the drive, one could find an English Handsome Cab.  This was especially heartwarming for
Sir Harry, being a note-worthy Brit himself.

The Sorrento's construction was completed in time
for Seattle's AYPE in 1909.  It was a close call.

Sited as she is on a slope of one of Seattle's hills on the prestigious Madison Street, the hotel posed an interesting challenge for those either staying at, or visiting the hotel.
The location was accessible by streetcar, horse-drawn wagon,
or by personally walking up the steep hill.

Today, the drive is used to drop off visitors.  Charming, young and very handy gentlemen offer to relocate your contemporary vehicle to an underground parking garage, well out of sight.

SITU members pile into the hotel to find a spot. Concierge and Valet - all at the ready for us!

Miss Mary is stylish in blue, her velvet Eaton jacket
is beautifully trimmed in ribbonwork.
Miss Susan wears an ivory outfit, while
Miss Sharon arrives in purple attire and fur jacket.
Mr. Rob contemplates, "What shall I choose?" Miss Susan is resplendent in her Edwardian hat & jacket.

Miss Beverly & Countess Cassimira look for
a cozy spot to spend the afternoon.
These ladies have settled in well!

 Linda of London can be seen wearing wearing a white rabbit shrug and hat. She's always stylish!

Miss Doris (L) and Miss Louise (R), along with Miss Karen (not seen in this photo but imaged above) are best friends.
Mr. & Mrs. Schwahn consult the menu. Queen Julia confers with the Schwahns.
The Cheethams discuss tea varieties.
Notice the darling hat with flowers?
New to SITU, Mark & J look forward to a "proper tea", like they had in England.  Miss Marjorie agrees.


Miss Sharon, now in paisley Eaton jacket,
stops by to chat with Miss Loveday (seated)
who is wearing a beaded "jet" and lace shawl.
Miss Candice has concluded her menu choice.
She has done a beautiful job on her hat and lace
garment, completed in time for the tea!
Miss Marjorie is seated next to Mr. Al.
He has recently acquired his cut-away jacket.
Miss Margaret & Miss Bobbie are enjoying the heat from the fireplace.  The feathers in their hats, wave gently.

Here, Miss Joan (in red) appears to be in deep conversation with Sir Harry.
Seated next to Miss Susan, is Miss Christa in a perfect Edwardian navy blue outfit.

Ah!  Here come the tea presentations! Mr. Mark, take our photo!!!

"On the first level, you'll find...." Mr. Al, your top hat is spiffy!

Miss Beverly is commenting how wonderful everything is this afternoon.  Even the champagne is great! Miss Karen is new to SITU this year and this tea is her first event with us.  Welcome!

"And so she said... then I said...." Isn't it nice and toasty warm in here today?

Here, Miss Julie and Miss Joan discover they each purchased the same lace blouse!

Miss Christa enjoys a giggle from the
story told by the ladies in the next photo.
Miss Karen and Miss Beverly know how to tell a story!
Oh DO tell!  What is the latest gossip??? Sir Harry smiles at the joke shared by Mr. Al.

Now, what did I do with the keys?

"It was lovely to see you, Miss Christa."

"And you too, Sir Harry!"


Countess Cassimira & Miss Louise,
create a lovely photo in similarly toned garments.

Gorgeous rich velvets and vibrant paisley designs.
One can only imagine what folks back in 1909
would have worn as attire "to be seen" in
the lobby of the hotel.

This was a fitting day to celebrate such
an outstanding hotel with a rich and colorful
history in Seattle.  The experience shall live
 in our hearts and memories!


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