Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

"Titanic -
The Survivors' Ball"

February 28, 2009

Epiphany Espiscopal Church
Denny Blaine | Seattle | Washington


**Special notation:  All photos which were either taken by the SITU Event Planner or shared by other attendees,
are reflected herein.  You may see the same person or couple reflected more than once. 
Only those photos which were unclear or damaged are left out. 
The lighting is very dim, so please excuse any inconsistencies you may find.  Thank you....


"It was a brilliant crowd.
Jewels flashed from the gowns of the women. The orchestra played popular music.  It was a rare gathering of beautiful women and splendid men.”
(First class passenger, Mrs. Jacques Futrelle)


  We ascended the staircase to the domed ballroom, greeted by the Captain and his lady. We  enjoyed the memory of the most glamorous, most elegant ship afloat, the Titanic.

On Saturday, February 28th, members and guests of SITU stepped back in time to the Edwardian era to enter the world of the "Survivors' Ball".

The day began early with Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) volunteers putting together the vignette which would serve as the backdrop for the evening's photo opportunities with everyone in costume.

Photo of the Titanic in beautiful bunting, which was recorded on "Good Friday" back in 1912, is courtesy of Michael Pocock of Texas.  More of his photos can be viewed on his

The wine barrels and vintage cir. 1900 steamer trunk are courtesy of Greg Lill of  DeLille Cellars, a special boutique winery located in Woodinville, Washington.


Special thank you to Michael Pocock & Greg Lill

  Before the the guests arrived, the tables were set with linens, tableware, individual candles for each place setting and 4' tall glass vases topped by artistic floral arrangements.

Pictured here (left), is the serving staff which were Seniors recruited from Holy Names Academy (HNA).  It is a private, all-girl high school located here in Seattle, Washington.

The girls were dressed in long black skirts, white blouses and adorned with Battenburg lace  aprons.  The girls looked splendid and
did an absolutely beautiful job of serving!!!

As elegant "passengers" and guests began arriving, the Captain's wife Linda pinned a festive carnation to everyone's lapel.  Captain Alfred Meyers shook hands with everyone.
Participants had been encouraged to "
flaunt your finery in a sophisticated swirl".
The Ragtime Waltz Orchestra (13 members), lead by Phillip Wilkinson played
wonderful music, welcoming everyone
into the Great Hall.

Ragtime tunes, Waltzes, Fox Trot,
Tango, "Hesitation", One-Step,
even "The Castle Walk"
were brilliantly performed
during the evening's festivities.

Candice and spouse were one of the first to arrive.  She is pictured here with peacock plume fan!
This couple was having a wonderful time.  Later, they could be seen swirling about on the dance floor.
Queen Julia is ready to board with
her case in hand.
  Miss Sharon arrived in a lovely dress with shimmering over-caplet.
Passengers Mr. & Mrs. Kalben make an elegant couple, don't you think?   Miss Roxann strikes a pose for us in
her vintage dress, gloves and fan.
Did you brush your hair?  Ready?
We must send a photo home.
  Such a handsome young escort! 
She in a beautiful dress...
Smile for the camera!  They look wonderful together.  We would be sure
to see more of this couple dancing all evening!
  The elegant Miss Marjorie with her brother as traveling companion who came all the way from Alabama for our festivities!
Close-ups of two beautiful vintage gowns.  These ladies do justice to their attire.
The long tables were positioned in a "V", reminiscent of a ship's hull.
  Before the dinner attendees began eating,
Captain Myers took the microphone at
the stage.  He officially thanked everyone
for coming this evening.

He then spoke some very meaningful and
respectful words about the early
Titanic passengers who did not survive.

Captain Myers ended his presentation
with a toast to the passengers, crew
and musicians of the Titanic.

Mr. Nathan (bearded) executed the evening as
our Maitre D', overseeing all the servers.
  Passengers dined on an incredible menu of
gustatory delights, catered by Cindy Madsen.
Here is the program each guest found at their place setting and which they could easily consult
during the evening's festivities in order to determine what was next to enjoy.
A black satin ribbon had been fed thru the menu and tied into a bow
on the outside.  The marks you see above are the ribbon tails...
Guests eagerly anticipated the incredible offerings which were to come over 7-courses!
Michele (blond) with US Navy Commander spouse (w/top hat) graced us w/their presence.   "Cheers" to you too, Miss Roxanne!
Mr. Karsteter & his darling wife Mary Lively (of Hollywood notoriety) are newlyweds.   Equally compelling are Mr. von Kleinschmidt and his lovely wife Ms. Conquest.
Miss Beverly (of Hawaii) was seated with
Mr. & Mrs. Cash.  Servers from HNA.
  Ms. Candice with spouse and Miss Sharon
Dance instructor Miss Pippin looking radiant.   Mr. & Mrs. Kalben toast the evening's success.
Although we do not have photo record, Miss Pippin and Miss Christine were gracious enough to do a dance demonstration and teach dance participants "The Castle Walk" this evening.
  The evening's entertainment was started off
in a glorious fanfare with
 Ingénue Miss Madeline Peters.
She performed two dance sets, one of which was to the theme music of Titanic, the movie.
Rita Harris (soprano) sang the lyrics.

Ah, such inspiring young talent!
Thank you Miss Peters, for
gracing us with your talents!!!

Miss Peters (in white jacket) is
pictured here left with her family,
before disembarking at our next stop.

Distinguished Mr. von Kleinschmidt and his vivacious wife Ms. Conquest   Miss Claypool brushes Mr. Bracher's shoulder.
What would their evening hold???
  Also boarding this evening to participate
in our frivolities was opera singer
Jeffrey Jordan.

Also pictured is traveling companion and
best pal, Mr. Scott.

Mr. Jeffrey is a tenor with Seattle Opera
where he can be seen during the season.
He has also been spotted in
several religious institutions performing.

If you happen to notice his name in
the newspaper or elsewhere,
be sure to attend.  You will be
in for a big treat!

Glamorous Mr. & Mrs. Cash pose
for us "dockside".
  "Princess Lovejoy" is complete with her
gorgeous tiara & jewels.
Mr. & Mrs. Karsteter pause long  enough
to be caught on film between food courses.
  Actress Miss Kimberly was spotted as
well this evening.  "Smile for the birdie!"
Those "Hollywood-types" always seem to find each other, even on large ocean-going vessels!
Mr. Nathan sure gets around!  Here he's hob-nobbing with Ms. Mary, Miss Kimberly and Miss Susan.
"How do I look?" asks Sir Richard.
Very dashing, we all concluded!
  Miss Patty stops by, elegantly attired
in feathers and jewels.
Miss Judy gasped when the photographer
shared a piece of juicy gossip with her.
  Queen Julia, resplendent in velvet,
carries her hat box on board.
Miss Pippin settles gracefully onto the steamer truck for our photographer.   Miss Christa wears a becoming gown,
very much in line with her sunny personality.
Several friends met aboard during this evening's festivities.
Always great to have your photo snapped for posterity!
Just who is this striking couple?
She so glamorous in silk & feathers, he in a formal white dinner jacket? (M/M Hays)
  Renowned opera singer Miss Agnes
agrees to pose with Mr. Nathan.
Careful there, he has a wolfish grin!

This couple has met up with their most influential and elegant friend just in time
to take photos and enjoy the evening together.
(Mr. & Mrs. Hays, Miss Sue)
Ah, here we spy the elegant Miss Susan chatting to Miss Sue.  In the background of frame, Ms. Michele of US Navy fame is in blue.   Always stylish and debonair, Mr. Gregg
offers his arm to the charming Ms. Marie who
is most attractive in a lace dress.
Miss Agnes takes Miss Rita's photo.   "Please, oh please, make me look thinner..."
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg pause a moment between dance sets to pose for us.
They could be seen during the evening gliding about the room in
time to wonderful and timeless music.
Our photographer slips into the kitchen
to spy on the flawless wait-staff & chefs.
  Cindy Madsen is glimpsed as she gives orders
to her staff.  Well done, Miss Cindy...
Miss Rita sings, "After the Ball" while
the orchestra plays and sways along.
  Opera singer Jeffrey Jordan, graces us with his talent by singing, "Torna a Sorriento".
Here, Miss Rita & Mr. Jeffrey pair up
to sing in harmony:

"Rose of The Mountain Trail"
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart"
"My Wild Irish Rose"
"Colonel Bogey"

Thank you for volunteering your talents
for this "Survivors' Ball".
We went home with a song
in our hearts!

“Inside this floating palace that spring evening in 1912, warmth and lights, the hum of voices, the gay lilt of a German waltz—the unheeding sounds of small world bent on pleasure.” 
(First class passenger, Lady Duff-Gordon)
The Ragtime Waltz Orchestra did an amazing job all evening and
of kept everyone on their feet dancing as evidenced here below...
Pictured here is the lovely Miss Bridget in a lace gown dancing with our Maitre D'!
  Careful there,
 Miss Mary!
 These folks are moving pretty fast.

 Wouldn't want you to drop your camera...

Entrepreneurs Mr. & Mrs. Kaes are
spotted in the crowd sharing a bit of bubbly.
  Even "Linda of London" (here in red) of
radio fame was seen with Princess Lovejoy.
Good friends and survivors, old and new, don't need much of an excuse to chatter away!
The dessert table looked fabulous with all the delicacies and complimented
by the beautiful candlelight while the wait-staff stood at the ready. 
Mr. & Mrs. Deck swing past our photographer
quickly on their way to the dessert table.
  Mr. Hays sure looks dashing, no?  Looks
like he has a good assortment of desserts!
Our photographer managed to snap a few
images of Miss Gayle (clearing tables).
  Here, Miss Gayle chats up the Maestro
asking how he's enjoying the dessert table.
Ms. Marion needs help with her shoe.
Husband Mr. Stuart is quick to help out.
  Our photographer asks this charming
wait-staff couple to pose for us.
 Miss Gayle strikes a pose
for our camera.

She's just as fetching without her
lace apron!

If anyone happens to have snapped some photos of the wait-staff of young women from Holy Names Academy (HNA),
please forward copies to the webmistress
to be included on this site.

The last few dancers remained on the floor to the very last moment of
sound coming from the orchestra.
Many, MANY heart-felt thanks
to Miss Cindy and Mr. Nathan of
Ravenrook for agreeing to
cater this massive event.

The food was scrumptious, the presentation
absolutely beautiful, and the wait-staff
well coordinated.

We hope you will join the merriment
of another event produced by
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
only this time, you can come
be a costumed participant!

Thank you too, to the Ragtime Waltz Orchestra, Miss Peters (dancer), Miss Christine and
Miss Pippin (dance instruction), the wait-staff which included the Seniors of HNA and SITU
members, the Board of SITU, as well as
the set-up & tear-down volunteers.

All "well done"!!!!

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Background photo credited to: "Abyla" of Spain.  Photo #1132067
Updated June 24, 2009