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February 28, 2009 SITU's Winter Event

 "Titanic - The Survivors' Ball"

"It was a brilliant crowd. Jewels flashed from the gowns of the women. The orchestra played popular music.  It was a rare gathering of beautiful women and splendid men.
(First class passenger, Mrs. Jacques Futrelle)

If you love the romance of The Titanic, the Edwardian period, rag time music, elegant evening gowns and men in tux tails, THIS is the event for YOU!  This event requires advance payment and preregistration.  Tickets are on sale now.  We anticipate it to be sold out quickly.  Click HERE for the webpage with full details.

Lady Victoria for questions.





Members and guests of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) are packing their modes of transportation and are heading north for a bit of mystery and enjoyment this springtime!

May 2nd will herald in SITU's Spring Event:
"The Mystery of The Quilted Tulip" in La Conner, Washington.  The Quilt Museum (a stately Victorian mansion) in La Conner will be co-hosting this event which will also be open to the public.  We'll travel past fields of tulips in vivid bloom, noting special attractions along the roadway, stopping in at designated locations to pick up a clue or a purchase something special as we wind our way north. 
More details will come coming shortly!

Era of Sherlock Holmes, 1870's-1906 
Time:  1 - 4pm at the mansion.  Travel time, extra.

Lady Victoria

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Black Hawk AA
Courtesy: Thomas Informater
Bad Ragaz, Switzerland}

August 16, 2009  SITU's Summer Event
"Great Gatsby and Friends"
Imagine lounging on the grass with your picnic hamper's-worth of goodies with the clack of croquet balls and jazz sounds in the background.  Enjoy a relaxing game of backgammon or mah-jong at a small table with your refreshment, check out the antique cars, all while people in vintage attire stroll by on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Join SITU and Gatsby's Friends in one of Seattle's historic parks this summer.  Details are being worked out right now.

  1920's, 1930's and early 1940's
Cost:   $10 Members, $12 Non-members
Time:   10:30a - 4pm.  Allow time to set up your table, chairs, tenting or other vintage inspired vignette!

If you are interested in participating or for more information, please contact
Lady Victoria








Sept. 20, 2009  SITU's Fall Event
"An Afternoon with Agatha Christie"
The stories of Ms. Christie transport even the most contemporary reader back to a slower period of time where we knew our neighbors, sipped afternoon tea or evening sherry while discussing the intricacies of the mystery happening in the area.

SITU Members and guests will be transported back to the 1930's when we step aboard the 1930's dining car pulled by a 1920's steam engine at the Chehalis Railroad Depot. 

The train departs promptly at 3pm for a 2-hr dinner/ride.
In order to board by 2:30pm, you must have your prepaid ticket!

Tickets one sale NOW. 
Click HERE to order. $55 for members, $60 for non-members. 

If you'd like to become a member, please go to the "About/Contact" page and download the interactive PDF.  For further information or registration, please contact Lady Victoria


Dec. 6, 2009  SITU's Holiday Event
"A Dickens of a Holiday Tea & Afternoon Gathering"

SITU is planning a lovely holiday potluck gathering in a private, historical and romantic residence/mansion on Seattle's Capitol Hill.  Our gathering will be held the first Sunday of December.  Based on previous holiday participation, this is sure to be another quick sell-out! 

If you have an interest in coming, we'd like to know in advance.  Please email Lady Victoria so you can be on the list and alerted of updates.


Plans are being made for the grand-scale Winter Event which will be held February 6, 2010.
It will be a fun evening  harkening back to old New Orleans and Marti Gras, complete with masks!  You sure want to come to this one , so start planning now!

SITU will also be offering Workshops on how to put together a costume specific to this event.  Feel free to come for a hands-on experience.

Should you have any questions, please email Lady Victoria.

Do you have an idea for a wonderful space complete with dance floor, room for musicians and about 60-80 people eating dinner, we sure would love to hear from you!  Perhaps you are a member of a private club with space discounted???

Contact:  Lady Victoria with your suggestions....


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