Victorian Psychic Fair
Tea at Secret Garden Tearoom

Puyallup & Sumner, Washington
"Dress-up Opportunity"
April 14, 2008


The day began with several members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited meeting up with historical costuming guests visiting from San Diego.

We picked them up from the hotel and drove south to Sumer to have a delightful lunch or tea at the
Secret Garden Tearoom

  As you can see, the entry of the house is really pretty and lends itself well for beautiful "models" to pose for photos!
Check out these beauties...
Once inside, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch which was prepared by the chef who is the husband of the husband/wife ownership.

The delightful wife however, runs the gift shop where one can buy beautiful tea-based accessories such as pots, strainers, loose-leaf tea, candleholders, napkins, dainty spoons, etc.

The service provided by the young ladies as the wait-staff was excellent as well.  Our server knew well the menu, offered helpful suggestions about which tea to order, what was the tasty tidbit on the menu and such. 

  While we were enjoying lunch, a friend of ours from SITU stopped by to say hello and snap a photo with us.  He and his wife were seated at another table nearby...
In this photo, you can see that the portions served by the tearoom are quite substantial.

On "Queen Julia's" plate you can see a large wedge of quiche, a scone,
slices of oranges and hidden from
view is little salad of sorts.

In the background, you can see some ladies enjoying a full tea service which is presented beautifully on a layered stand.

Photo of several SITU members and our new San Diego friends!
Thank you again Secret Garden, for a lovely meal, wonderful service and a GREAT setting.
Then, we all packed into our 2008 version of transportation and clicked the miles quickly north to the city of Puyallup where the renowned "Meeker Mansion" is sited.  
Story has it that Ezra Meeker had a lovely bride and took her to visit with Queen Victoria in England.  So taken was Eliza Jane of the Victorian style of architecture and way of life and she too, wanted that for herself in the U.S.  Her husband tried to wiggle out of that problem by suggesting that Eliza Jane could build and pay-for such a building herself.

Never underestimate the powers of a driven woman.

Did you see a ghost in the window?   Handsome couple, don't you think?
Our new friend poses once more...   Stylish lady with her "weasels"!
Because of the historical nature of the Meeker Mansion, we were unable to shoot any interior photos, nor of the people who were attending the Victorian Psychic Fair inside.  The rooms were filled with psychics and patrons having palms and tarot cards read, as well as horoscope charts deciphered.
If you'd like to join us for another adventure at the Meeker Mansion,
SITU will be holding an "Event" there of a
Tea and Murder Mystery.

Hop out to our Calendar to check the date & make contact.
See you there, if you dare....

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Updated July 30, 2008