Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
participates in:

Two Wheels North"
Part of the AYPE Centennial Celebrations
A play based on a true-life story.

October, 2009


A few of the members of the historical costuming group called  Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) visited History House in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood to take in a very special play.

Here, Miss Agnes waits in the courtyard of History House.  She is wearing a wonderful outfit, ideal for bicycling!

Guests and play attendees begin to arrive.  Everyone is excited to see the play.

Since it is raining so hard on this afternoon, our hardy Northwesterners come prepared with rain hats and Gortex jackets.  Who needs a brolly anyway if you're a Northwestener?

"Safe cracker" Miss Agnes thinks:
"Was it 19 left and 3 right?  Or, was it 3 left and 19 right?"

All this to recover the vintage Dom Perignon in time for the celebrations!

**Historical Fact:
The safe was discovered during a remodeling of the Duliner Tavern.  It was found empty, under the floorboards of the tavern.  Geraldo Rivera must've already been by...

The gears are amazingly large. Every Steam Punker in town wouldn't mind having a set in their OWN collection!

**Historical Fact:
These gears came out of the Fremont Bridge when they were replaced with newer equipment.  Originally, they were to be junked or sent to China, but History House's Director asked to have them as artwork out front. Nice!

"Did you hear the news?  The actors have arrived and they are setting up inside."

The play is based upon a book called "Two Wheels North".  It is the story of two very young boys from California who decide to cycle their way north to Seattle in order to see the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition.  A local newspaper is willing to pay a prize if the boys make it to town.

The boys push hard across mountains, streams, ravines, and out of the way of a steam train coming thru the tunnel.

The book is one of those "must reads", full of incredible details and heartwarming fun.

The play was well attended with all the seating taken on 3 sides of the stage! Here, Miss Agnes has found her seat with an excellent view.  Vintage piano in background.

John Ulman juggled 3 parts: narrator, musician and supporting actor.  This man gets the audience in the mood! Dressed in a jacket, John Nordstran, the Director of Operations at History House, welcomes everyone and makes introductions
all around.
Here, we see the two recent high school graduates from 1909 (Vic McDaniel & Ray Francisco), who set out on their second hand bicycles from Santa Rosa, CA to travel to Seattle.  They have exactly $9 between them!

The actors portraying the boys had bicycles on stands, so that they could show how fast and hard they would have to cycle to out-run the train, coast down hills, and get the wind at their backs.

Caps, goggles and suspenders make for simple costuming that "got the point" across to the members of the audience.

The two actors on stage currently are Nik Perleros and Damien Peterson.

The diminutive woman (Evelyn McDaniel Gibb) who stepped forth from the first row in the audience, turned out to be the author of Two Wheels North.  When asked if she had fabricated the story, her answer was most amazing.  It turns out that her own father (Vic) was one of the boys who made the historic trip. 

Her father told her the stories of the many parts of the trip as a way of passing along important information and history to be shared with the next generations.  The writer was clever enough to write a book for the rest of us to enjoy all these years later!

The lovely dark-haired woman (Kelly Kitchens)was a supporting actor in the play.  The blond woman on the right, (Annie LaReau) represented Book-It Theatre.  Annie thanked everyone for attending and encouraged us to come to other performances they offer, based on great books.

Thank you for coming and participating in viewing a play about an important part of the AYPE celebrations.  We look forward to seeing more of the young men and their talents.

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