Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
Santa Train
November 29, 2008
Northwest Rail Museum, Snoqualmie, Washington
It was drizzling.  It's the rainy northwest after-all.  A stout-hearted small band of members from Somewhere in Time, Unlimited traveled thru the mist and rain to arrive at the historical rail station at North Bend, WA.

The idea was to "meet, greet and mingle" with the families who were boarding the various trains headed for another historical rail station just up the line in Snoqualmie, WA.

"Sir Harry of Essex" waves to families boarding.

The ladies waiting for Train #2 of the day.

  Would the families come despite the rain?
Would the train be on time?
What would the children say when they saw a group of men and women in Victorian or Edwardian attire?
We didn't have long to wait...

"Miss Angie" & "Miss Elissa"
pose for our camera
then board the first train headed
for Snoqualmie Station.

"Smile for the camera!"

Rail platform - safe place to wait out of the rain!
  Young, old, didn't matter.
Everyone had "visions of sugarplums" dancing in their heads.

Here we have adorable young ladies
dressed in their Christmas finery.

What will Santa bring?
Will I be brave enough this year
to sit upon his lap without a tear?

Oh LOOK!  The train's coming!  Step back everyone.  Back up to the safety of the platform.

A "Rein-man"? Mr. Jingle-Bells with his microphone.
Wave at the lady taking pictures....

The engineer checks his load. The other men are checking equipment and rails.

  "Rein-man" and his friend.


At the station in North Bend, the windows were decorated very festively for Christmas.

The little children excitedly showed their parents the details of this cute display.

"Look - there's even Santa on a train!"



Local real estate professional Darth Marith of Coldwell Banker fame, can be seen helping a mother with 2 young children board the train.   Aaaaaaall Aboard!

This is so EXCITING!

  Hurry now.  No stragglers....

This man has been studying to become an engineer and will be able to guide a train soon!   "Mr. Jingle-Bells" is a big hit w/the children.  He brings his mic & amp on board to sing.


This is the exterior of a 1913 coach.
They are being restored.  Want to donate?

  "Miss Christa" rests while she waits for the second train of the day to leave the station.

  A young reindeer fan has come prepared to ward off the damp and chilly air - her warm, white hat and Starbucks cup are good clues to someone raised here in the NW!



"Mr. Jingle-Bells" and a little girl singing.   Tickle, tickle, tickle!

The engineers & everyone are ready.
The train begins to leave the station.

"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?"


This is so much fun, I can't STAND it!

Daddy, are we there yet???



Altho the ride is short, it is very romantic in the rainy weather.  "Fairy lights" add to the charm.

  Looking out the window, you can see the river is running fast. Little did we know the track would wash out in January...


Upon arrival at Snoqualmie, volunteers get a hot cup of Joe and some chili!

  Everyone has disembarked and headed for Santa for photos and wishes.  Snack time...


"Sir Harry of Essex" and a volunteer "Bobby" are at hand to guide the visitors.

  "Miss Marjorie" stands guard at a doorway, ready to assist any wayfaring young-one.
"Miss Loveday" agreed to pose for a photo, complete with her delightful handbag!   No, that's not Santa. 
It's the Bearded Boys!
"Miss Judy" has a beautiful velvet Victorian outfit she sewed.  She's shown here while adjusting the cap of her young protégé and sweet niece.   This is the delightful "Miss Christa".
Doesn't she look wonderful in her satin and velvet Edwardian outfit?

L-R: Sir Harry, Miss Loveday,
Miss Marjorie and Miss Christa.
(Not pictured: M/M Laney & Lady Victoria)
"Miss Marjorie's" Auntie Doris was the seamstress behind this beautiful holiday outfit. 
The cape is an original Red Cross issue.
The rail museum opened a number of cars to be on display and to walk thru.  One car even had an oven and the volunteers were baking fresh cookies, serving them up with coffee or cider to guests.

If you have any time, the Northwest Rail Museum is always looking for volunteers.
On the other hand, if you don't have time just good intentions, please consider making a
to this very worthy cause.  They want to build a facility that will house the historical coaches, engines, parts, etc. safely OUT of our NW rain. 
Additionally, some of the tracks had washed out in the Jan. 09 storm
Click HERE to read the full story.
A completely restored caboose is parked right out front of the Snoqualmie Rail Museum. The green tones are the traditional colors.  One young "rail-roader" got tired...
The skies are lightening with less rain on us.
The Queen Anne-style station is resplendent in her Christmas decorations!
  On our way home now, back to North Bend.  We're traveling in a "Chapel Car - Messenger of Peace" coach, originally built by the Barney & Smith Car Company. (Blog post.)
Upon arriving back to North Bend, the merry group of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited members decided that it was late in the afternoon and would make for a good time to take in a quick cup of tea and a bite to eat.

Off we headed to the Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhood.

  Everyone enjoyed "Olde World" delecacies such as a steak-and-kidney-pie or a shepherd's pie at the Irish pub we
found in the neighborhood.

Finaghty's serves up a great menu and the waitstaff is very charming too.

Here's a photo of our waiter!

From Board Members "Miss Loveday" and "Lady Victoria", along with the other members of SITU,
we wish you the very best this holiday season, hoping that what you
requested of Santa will be presented to you on Christmas morn!

Special "Thank You" to the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad Museum
and to the many, many volunteers who made this day so enjoyable.
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