Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
Winter Event


This event was held on
January 26, 2008 at
The Magnolia Luthren Church Hall
Seattle, Washington

It should be known that we were anticipating snow that evening, so those that actually attended the event should be commended for having "braved the elements"!


The event was most exciting indeed! The evening started
off by attendees being greeting and "piped in" by an
authentic Scottish Piper.  He was quite the dashing
fellow in full dress kilt attire and perfect pitch whilst
piping well known melodies!

Our beautiful and official "Greeter" for the evening
took the tickets and signed in the Members and Guests
at the event. 

As a special note, she was also kind enough to sew
45 Stewart plaid napkins which adorned each place setting,
making the table tops look oh-so-festive! 
Thank you for your contribution to the event. 


Getting ready to open the door
for the next guests!

The entire hall was transformed into a "Great Hall" complete with banners, candles and even some plaid fabric disguising unmovable articles that just didn't "go" with the Burns theme of the evening.  Good job!

Here, the ladies are deciding which seat to choose for the best "view" of the festivities coming up.

Notice the beautiful plaid napkins and tablecloths sewn by two members?


After the Selkirk Grace was read, all eyes turned to the back of the room.

Here, the "Organizer" of the event (dressed in red and green) prepares for the Presentation of The Haggis, completed by the accompaniment of bagpiper Kevin Auld.

In the background, you can see a table with candles laid out with various refreshments including spiced cider, punch, coffee, tea, etc.  Guests were allowed to bring alcohol, tho it was not provided by Somewhere in Time, Unlimited.






The Address to the Haggis was lyrically and beautifully made by the President of SITU.


The buffet-style dinner was prepared by the
catering professionals of Madres Kitchen.

Dinner included:
   Roastit Bubbly Jock with
   chestnut stuffing,
   Neeps and Carrots,
   Rubledthumps, and

Dessert was Gochabers Gingerbread with
whipped cream, coffee and tea.


Doesn't everyone look festive and the food just so delicious?  Must go have "seconds"..


The toasts of the evening began with one entitled "Immortal Memory and Toast to Burns" which was movingly presented by our own Dr. Christopher Kirk, is pictured far right without hat.  His charming bride
is also shown here.

We enjoyed a
"Toast to the Lassies" (see photo left) which was presented so colorfully and humorously, then a "Toast to the Laddies" (unfortunately this photo was too dark) delivered in a fresh style and a wink by our Greeter, followed then by "To A Mouse" which our Organizer presented in a most entertaining manner.



The music was provided by a Northwest favorite called "Kilmany Scottish Band" with Philip Wilkinson (see him holding a fiddle far left, front row) at the lead .

Dancing was led by the Royal Scottish Dancers with the vivacious Elinor Vandegrift (see her in white dress far right, second row) calling directions and organizing her dance troupe to intermingle with SITU members and guests.

Don't they all just look splendid? Yes!




Here we go ~

Give her a twirl...

This evening was a good time to mingle with friends one hadn't seen since the Fall Event and catch up on news of family, the latest place you were able to find beautiful fabrics ,or even discuss the intricacies of a "costuming tip"!

Sometimes, it's just nice to "sit this one out" ...

           ...and enjoy the movement of others in dance.



What COULD these ladies be discussing that is so funny?  It's good to laugh heartily now and then...

The costumes are just beautiful!  Such attention to detail and the colors suit the ladies well.  The men too, looked so handsome in all that plaid and colorful attire.




The "Organizer" of the Burns night event (dressed in red and green), The "Greeter" (dressed in white with red and black plaid), the "President" of SITU (dress in blue plaid with burgundy vest)



The WebMistress,
 "Lady Victoria" (photo to the right) is plenty tired after a night of decorating, dancing and photo-taking!


Thank you to everyone for coming!  We're so glad you enjoyed yourselves and had a good time.  We hope to see you and your friends at our upcoming events in 2008.

Be sure to send in your Membership Application (downloadable from the website - go to the "About" tab on the home page) if you haven't renewed yet or if you'd like to join Somewhere in Time, Unlimited.  The Board has some wonderful events and "Dress-up Opportunities" coming up that you will want to be SURE not to miss.

Happy New Year!!!

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