Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Master Builders of Washington
The 2008 REX Awards

Renton, Washington
June 21, 2008

It's that time of year again, when the Master Remodelers of the industry
 are recognized for their fine achievements.

Members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited from Seattle were invited to
greet the MBA Members on their way into the awards ceremony.
Plenty of hi-jinks were in order, like shooting doing the Charleston right there in the parking lot!

These lovely ladies checked in the guests and offered
beautiful red or black boas to wear.
  Wow!  Those are stunning remodeling pictures.
Nice job, folks...
Conveniently tucked into the corner under air-conditioning was the evening's initial entertainment,
"Combo DeLuxe" who played some seriously "hot" 1920's music. 
You really MUST go out to their website and order a CD!!!
"Miss Candace" also write a famous blog.  Check it out at:
Who is this?  Is it "Bonnie & Clyde"?
These two could be straight out of the movies or a place in history!

You don't happen to have a "Tommy Gun" hiding under your jacket, do you?

Here a member of the REX Committee agrees to pose with the SITU gang.
2008 Rex Committee Members "Mug" for the camera.
Beautifully appointed dinner tables await the guests inside.  Niiiiiiiiice!
Now HERE are some "sweet dolls" for sure!
From their hats down to their snappy shoes, these gals are ready for the evening!
This beautiful delivery car was supplied for this evening's fesitivities
by Dunn Lumber.  It has been completely restored and beautifully sign-written.
Remember to pick up your building supplies from Dunn!
What are you gals up to, and don't say, "Nuttin' honey..."!!!!
I think some more dancing might be in order here.
The evening was such a success,  Master Builders featured Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
in their August 2008 issue of "Master Builder", the official publication of the MBA of King and Snohomish Counties.
Wanna see?
"Hey big spender...."

Ah, the crazy antics of the gals trying to convince a gentleman to take
them for a spin on the dance floor.  What will they think of next?

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