Pike Place Market
100th Anniversary

Seattle, WA - August 17, 2007

The weather was fine and so were the fish and vegetables for a delightful day at the 100th Anniversary party of Seattle's Pike Place Market!

This was a "dress-up opportunity" to which SITU Members and friends were invited to participate on their own.  The 5 ladies who traveled to the market, came dressed for shopping and dining!  Lunch was served to the group at the famous Maximilien's Restaurant overlooking the harbour.

KOMO TV's Theron Zahn (with cameraman in tow), was "Johnny-on-the-spot" to film the festivities, interview the ladies and even be surrounded by the group during the teaser sections leading up to the 5 and 6 o'clock news!

The ladies left the market with bags of goodies from the great bakeries, the fish mongers, bundles from the flower growers and green grocers for their lovely fresh vegetables!