Opening Day


Boating Season

Somewhere In Time Members
Seattle, Washington

In Seattle, there is a Spring celebration called "Opening Day of Boating Season".  Literally, a parade of privately and corporate-owned boats go from one of our lakes (Lake Union) thru the Montlake "cut" (which refers to a channel which was cut into the land) to the much larger lake (Lake Washington) and all the while people are waving at the boats from the shore.

One can see famous vessels such as the Virginia V of "Mosquito Fleet" notoriety, sailboats, twin-engine cruisers, all the way down to little row boats.  The day begins with a regatta of men's and women's crew boats coming the opposite direction thru the "cut" as they race for the final trophy of the day.

Of course, members of SITU who would like to dress in period attire and greet the boats are always welcome along the shore.  The group has been interviewed by the media and folks along the shore,  photographed and even show in the newspapers and on T.V.!

Next year, look for a group of men and women waving their hearts out and lending a festive spirit to the Opening Day!!!