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"Ocean to Ocean" Centennial Model T Race
Sunday, July 12, 2009
Drumheller Fountain

One-hundred years ago, Seattle held its "Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition",
a World's Fair on the grounds of what would become the University of Washington.

The buildings were reportedly constructed of plaster of Paris and intended to hold up only long enough
for the thousands of visitors to make their way thru the exhibits and finally disintegrate
over time in Seattle's notorious rainy weather.

Fair-goers showed up in droves, dressed in their Sunday best, from what photos depict.
Many women were attired in "walking skirts" and beautifully flowered hats, while the men came in
what was fashionable for them at the time, "sack suits".

(Historical archive photos: courtesy of UW)

One of the outstanding sights to see and experience was the large fountain
with massive lower basin and stair-stepped ledges along its path.


The Model T Ford was the vehicle of choice for many a fine gentleman of the east coast back then.  So, in a dare of sorts, Mr. Ford jumped at the opportunity to show America just how well his car was constructed.

Model T Fords left New York to drive cross country and arrive in time for Seattle's AYPE celebrations.

Remember, this was well before freeways or other well marked and paved roadways.

The summer of 2009 would see the recreation of this historic ocean to ocean feat.


Members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited decided to participate in these
centennial celebrations!

Lady Victoria had contacted in advance, the Model T Club scheduled to arrive, as well as the local celebration event organizers, so SITU was ready for the magnificent arrival.

Members of SITU met on this Sunday on the steps near the UW Library.
This would be near the spot at "the head" of what was the fountain, shown in the vintage photo.

Here, members were subjected to numerous photos taken by professionals and public alike.

Luckily, they are a good-natured group of historical costumers who
willingly pose for the paparazzi!


Miss Beth just seems to bubble over with her natural enthusiasm for the day. Great color on her!   Miss Patty came with a striking hat
embellished with hibiscus blossoms.
Miss Janet sporting "summer whites"
has a beautiful vintage purse & gloves.
  Miss Roxann arrived festively dressed in
her alma mater UW color of royal purple.
Dressed in original, vintage attire,
Miss Sarah's outfit is stunning.
  Here, Miss Pippin strikes a delightful
pose while wearing her 1909 outfit.
Can you hurry up taking the pictures?
We have Model T cars to greet!!!
  Miss Corky and Sir Harry of Essex share a chuckle while waiting for our group.
Miss Sharon, having donned her feathered red hat, looks over toward Miss Judy.   Miss Judy receives glove assistance from
her delightful ingénue niece.  Sweet....
Miss Corky steps aside for a moment to clear her glasses.
There will be a lot of steps to navigate and wonderful cars to view.
Mustn't have smudges on the lenses!
Sir Harry wears a cut-away coat, burgundy vest and bowler hat.
Doesn't he color coordinate well with Miss Patty?
  Off we go!

From the UW Library, one navigates a series of staircases and landings until reaching the large fountain, now dubbed
"Frosh Pond" or "Drumheller Fountain".

If you look carefully, you will notice in this photo
to the left, the various levels.
These used to be the cascades of the waterfalls as pictured in the vintage photo.

At mid-point before reaching the fountain, some folks detoured to view the "T" which had been
involved in a major accident en route to Seattle.
  Drumheller Fountain was fired up and shooting dramatically high into the sky.
Those clouds sure look threatening...
Who is that vision in lavender?
Miss Loveday with spouse, Mr. Fred!
  Here, let us adjust your skirt a bit.
Miss Pippin lends a talented hand.
Here comes our ladies, rounding the far curve of the fountain.
Miss Sharon created her darling jacket from an existing garment, reworking it creatively.   L to R: Miss Sharon, Miss Janet, Miss Kimberly, Miss Beth, and newly arrived on scene, Miss Joan.
The gentleman in the photo came to the celebrations, toting a vintage
camera which had two separate lenses (left & right).  Quite unusual and quite retro!
The gentlemen stand at the ready while
chatting to Miss Corky.
  Also in attendance was a theatrical group
from Kitsap County.
Miss Judy's niece whiles away the lag time by blowing bubbles.
This view is facing south, our backs toward the fountain.
The rise of hill beyond is the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Seattle.
Miss Beth and Miss Joan share a joke.
Both ladies created their outfits for the occasion!
  "Camera Dude" poses for a quick digital photo.
See his camera on tripod peeking just behind?
Miss Agnes looks lovely in her new outfit.
Together with her hat, she's ready for summer.
  Miss Agnes and Miss Kimberly laughing.
Miss Kimberly's jacket is quite intricate with lace.
Talented costumer Miss Susan, arrived in grand style, complete with leather gloves and parasol.   Miss Marie (an incredible corsetière), joins
Miss Agnes before the rose garden.
Miss Bobbie (SITU workshop instructor) is joined by Miss Sharon, a well known rosarian.   Oh!  Are those the "T's" we hear?
Look beyond.  I think they are coming...
The first Model T's roll back into Seattle, making a grand entrance.
How exciting is this???
Welcome to Seattle!  So glad you made it safely.
"POP" goes the champagne cork!  Well done folks!  That was one looooooong drive!
Just how many "T's" are there?   Actually, 55 in total.  They now ringed the fountain
all angle-parked to fit.
Sir Harry has picked out a "T" he likes.
The spruce-green tone is very appropriate for our NW climate.
Over and over, the ladies were asked to pose for the cameras.
Then of course, we had our OWN photographers capturing images for posterity as well!
Here, Queen Julia is shown in olive velvet and hydrangea hat.
Even a beautiful Springer Spaniel came along
as a "co-pilot" on the journey.
  Miss Bobbie checks the time schedule.
A young child was on the journey as well.   Beautiful brass-trimmed radiator.
This gentleman is from England.  He bought a Model T just so he could join in the race!   Here's another lovely English-themed "T" that has been outfitted as a delivery truck.  Cute, huh?
Mike is the photographer assigned by who were festivity organizers.
  Isn't she cute?  This sweetie-pie came with her owner to see the cars too.
Sir Harry of Essex stands amidst the crowd, all snapping photos of the white lead car.   Yes, this is the "lead car".  We understood that a relative of the original race's winner, along with a relative of the Ford family, alternated driving.
More photographers.  Now you can see
"Camera Dude" operating his vintage camera.
  Sir Harry and Miss Roxann look stylish before the "Lang's Old Auto Parts" vehicle.
This is a photograph taken of a large poster on display in the UW Library's collection
pertaining to the AYPE 1909.  You can see the massiveness of the fair's buildings & exhibits!
Sir Harry - attempting to blend in.   The hollyhocks must've been lovely...
Interesting statistics on this poster. 
Who knew 763 cars would be clogging Seattle's streets back in the 1900's?
This lovely lady had many vintage AYPE pins for sale.  She had purchased them in a garage sale on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill.  Wow!   Photo of one of the historic exhibitions
Wonder if the elephant was real or papier-mâché.
Seems kinda small for the real thing.
Wow.  Spectacular sight.  Can you spot the waterfall areas
which are now the steps leading to Drumheller Fountain?
After we were done celebrating, we stopped into Queen Mary's Tearoom.
Lady Victoria bought a round of champagne for our participants.
Sir Harry has slipped on glasses for the fine print.
Miss Roxann studies her menu.
  Miss Corky and Queen Julia
raise a toast to the next 100 yrs!
Miss Judy has joined us for tea.   Miss Kimberly, busy chatting to tablemates.
So sorry if I have wiggly photos.  The restaurant was dimly lit and it was difficult to shoot without
someone in our party moving all the time!
Sir Harry of Essex decided upon the Curried Chicken Pastie.  Reminded him of home - England.   Miss Roxann selected a scrumptious item too from the spread on the menu.  Yum!
Fun photo of some of our ladies, reflected in the restaurant's mirror,
hung across from where we were seated.

Alas, the day was coming to an end and we needed to head for home.
What a glorious, memorable day we enjoyed in each other's company.

On behalf of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, Lady Victoria congratulates all the drivers,
spouses, support team, part suppliers, and any others related to orchestrating this event.
It is truly wonderful that the experience will be documented by the many in attendance
via photos, video, hearts and memory.

Thank you to The Seattle Post Intelligencer and King 5 TV (video) for recording the event.
Thank you to the members of 4Culture, Michael Herschensohn, the music band and others
who planned the event and made it so enjoyable.


(Rare photo - Miss Bobbie & Lady Victoria)
Courtesy: Seattle PI
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