Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Holiday Tea & Sing-Along
Neely Mansion
December, 2008


The weather was crisp and cold.  The Seattle area had received a dusting of snow overnight.
If you know anything about our area, drivers tremble at the first warnings of snow. 
Most traffic comes to a halt at the merest snow covering.  We do have 7 hills, after all.

Only the bravest of the brave came out  this afternoon to enjoy the holiday
gathering, taking tea and enjoying incredibly tasty treats.

Massive wood doors with etched glass and festooned in holiday greenery
welcomed the members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
to the historic Neely Mansion in Auburn, Washington.

As people interested in historical costuming and vintage attire,
the mansion acted as a perfect background for these Victorian reenactors.

Elegant in velvet and wool, fur and feathers, top hat and cane,
members of SITU arrived to the mansion in style!
Waiting for more members to brave the snow, Miss Judy reviews a photo album
while Miss Pippin slips a few stitches into place on a new hat in process.
The Nelsons are delighted that their daughter was home from college.   The Decks were happy to join us
in the merriment as well.
"Linda of London", author and of radio
fame, graced us with her presence.
  Miss Judy wore a beautifully
beaded jacket & kid gloves.
The Queen holds court - don't they look festive?
Photo of all ladies present.   Photo of the gentlemen present.
Located behind the main living room, we found the "music room",
complete with old-time piano.
Very soon, it was time to enjoy hot pots of
tea and a wide assortment of holiday
savories and sweets.

In the distance, one can see ladies
preparing the table, laden with the
goodies we'd all share.

Miss Judy records for posterity
her private version of our
festivities by using that
new-fangled invention an iphone.
1800's meets 2008!

Miss Linda offered to serve up the tea.
"Lemon with that?"
  Even 'the cowboys' seemed to enjoy themselves amidst the pretty ladies!
Miss Pat is Head Docent & vintage clothing collector. Today: water-boiler extraordinaire!   Just look at all those cups awaiting hot tea!
The platefuls of finger food were incredible...
Time to ask for more hot water for making tea.
Miss Pippin and Miss Pat find themselves in the kitchen checking on the hot water supply.
The vintage stove actually does a great job & Miss Pat knows how to work it!!!
  We were allowed to tour the rooms of the mansion which actually turned out to be a very large, stately "country" sort of home.  Alas, we could not have access to the top floor due
to fire department restrictions.

One of the first  bedrooms we viewed
was beautifully appointed with a large brass bed, many vintage garments, an old treadle sewing machine and a darling tree.

As a historical costumer, it's always so helpful to be able to inspect a vintage garment up close.  It's a glimpse into the past, how seamstresses & tailors might have assembled a garment.

Sometimes, one can actually gain insight how seams, darts, sleeve-heads or even hems were created, whether by machine or by hand!

This evening dress on display, is a beautiful example of the fine collection of men and women's garments Miss Pat has amassed and puts on display at the mansion.

The "baby's room" was very sweet with white wicker bassinette, rocking chair, even toys under the miniature tree!   This bedroom was outfitted in "1920's style", complete with classy dresser, a dropped-waist dress and a cloche hat to top it off.
  Miss Pat was pointing out a detail on the jacket and then suddenly tickled Miss Louise.
It came as a sudden surprise,
worthy of a good chuckle all around.

Photo on the wall behind Miss Pat
is original to the Neely Family.

The tour of the mansion is well worth it,
as one can learn about about these
early settlers and all they went
through to build the mansion.

Here, "Sir Harry of Essex" and "Lady Victoria" stop to pose for a quick photo for our photographer.   Miss Pat looks like she has stepped right out of history, dressed in all vintage attire.
Thank you for sharing your mansion with us!
Donated to the mansion was this precious child's perambulator.
Miss Pat dressed an adorable doll in a winter outfit to set the theme.
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