Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

KlaHaYa Parade
City of Snohomish, WA - July 18, 2009

The ladies and gents of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (a historical costuming social group), were invited by the Snohomish Historical Society in Washington State to join them in
the annual KlaHaYa Parade. 

The small historical town Snohomish is located approximately 30-35 miles north of the city of Seattle. 
It prides itself for its historical downtown feel and is known for its many antique shops.

Snohomish bills itself as "The Antique Capital of the Northwest".

Snohomish has a historical district which includes a number of Victorian-era residences.

Many homes bear plaques with the year that the house was built and the name of the family or individual who originally resided there.

Every year, as a part of the KlaHaYa Festival, the town produces a parade for all to enjoy.  
SITU participants were to loiter at the Visitor's Center downtown (located at the head of the parade's staging area), and then step into the parade line as Warner Blake (of the Historical Society) and his wife came parallel with us, riding a tandem bicycle.  What fun!

While we waiting, a lovely young professional photographer named Renata crossed the street and began taking photos of the SITU members who were waiting.  More SITU members had participated than were photographed, however.  We simply don't have everyone's image captured. (Photos from video: "Miss Chloe" & daughter, "Miss Pippin")


"Miss Candice" strikes a pose in her
Titanic-inspired costume.  Love her accessories!

  "Miss Janet" presents a fresh and cool image in "Summer Whites" on this very warm day


LEFT: "Miss Corky" of Snohomish looks
authentic & fabulous
in her
1909 summer hat and walking skirt.

ABOVE: Another Snohomish beauty is
"Miss Joan" in her striped gown with
matching parasol and feather hat.


"Miss Janet", "Miss Roxann" and
"Sir Harry of Essex" pose for the camera.
  What you smiling about, ladies?
Are you sharing a secret???


Sporting an ankle injury,
"Lady Victoria" stated she was "made of sterner stuff "and decided to walk the parade anyway
with a bandaged ankle.
A brief rest before-hand was in order.

"Willy" (named after Germany's Emperor and King of Prussia Kaiser Wilhelm II)
likes to participate and walk in parades.
Today however, the horses were a bit
daunting and he had to made a quick
"exit, stage-left"  to the safety of
Lady Victoria's carpet bag!

The parasol is from Lady Victoria's Grandmother who lived in Germany
during 1909.  Seems fitting that it and a
gracious feather hat, would be worn
for centennial celebrations...

While waiting to join the parade line-up, Lady Victoria was busy shooting photos from her seated perch.

Here, a float representing the KlaHaYa Festival rolled past with a number of "tadpoles" in the wake!

Wait!  What is it we see here?  A vintage car being following closely by Storm Troopers?
Oh NO!  More of the dreaded steeds "Willy" fears!
Don't be afraid.  These horses are dedicated to transporting the beautiful queen and princesses.
Ah, the local "twirlers" are going to demonstrate their techniques for us.
It seems even the very young get involved early!
"Miss Candice", could you pose once more?   "Miss Corky", let's see those gloves & fan.
"Miss Roxann" looks stylish and fresh
in HER "Summer Whites" as well.
(Her hat is incredible up close!)

She is a contributing writer for the SITU newsletter under the nom de plume of
"A Modern Lady".
Be sure to catch her lively articles and reports
of our Events and Dress-Up Opportunities!

Click HERE if you'd like to learn how
to become a member.


One final hat adjustment and we are underway!

It's a good thing it'll be sun-down soon.
We are all terribly warm in our corsets!

Careful, the Vigilantes are here today!   Folks lined the streets for blocks on end.
Click HERE to view a short video taken by Jeff, the husband of member "Miss Chloe",
who was stationed out in the audience.
(Be sure to wait for the spooling and click "off" the high-definition button.)
"Miss Chloe" is a talented harpist in the Snohomish area.  She and her daughter participated in the parade.
You will see them depicted near the end of the video.
After a long day in the heat and a lot of walking, our merry group disbanded - some entering
the local "Piccadilly Circus Pub" for a quick meal and LOTS of water!

ABOVE:  A visiting group called "The Saur Kraut Band" came into the restaurant and proceeded to
drum and play horns - loudly.
You can catch their act at various functions,
including over in Leavenworth during festivals.

RIGHT: Our waitress had to put up with a lot
this evening.  Time to go home...

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Updated August 12, 2009