Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Kitsap County
Historical Museum's
Grand Opening -
"Main Street" Exhibit

Bremerton, Washington
July 5, 2008

**Webmistress note:  These photos were collected from a number of participants so the lighting & sizes will vary.  Special care was taken not to use flash photography inside the actual exhibit.  Enjoy....

  The lovely Curator for the Kitsap County Historical Museum invited members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) to come in 1908 attire to celebrate the opening of the  "Main Street" exhibit  and join in the fun happening on the street out front of the museum.

Several musical groups provided lively entertainment for dancing or sing-along, together with an Ice Cream Social, Tames Allen performing over at the Roxy Theater and kids games too.

Miss Curator organized a small vintage car show which included some beautiful examples of early means of travel, as well as a vintage fire engine.  Boys big or small were magically drawn to such a sight!

The merchants downtown Bremerton were encouraged to participate in the frivolity of the day as there would be lots of pedestrians drawn to the event...

**Miss Curator" created her own outfit & hat.  The petticoat she wore was vintage & originally belonged to her relative.    
Members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited took turns posing out front of the museum.
There were a number of people who would stop the group to take "close-ups", comment on the costuming,
ask questions about the exhibit and in general, express interest and happiness that a romantic era was
being revived right here in Bremerton!
"Mr. C." and "Miss Curator"   "Mr. C." - Don't you look dapper today!
"Okay everyone - hold still and say, 'English Tea'!!!"

"Look Mommy, I have a colorful umbrella too!  Just like that lady in green!"

The opening of the exhibit was quite exciting!  The Mayor of Bremerton, Cary Bozeman, was on hand to officiate the ribbon cutting to the exhibit.  In short presentations, attendees learned from museum representatives how the items for the exhibit were gathered, the history behind putting the exhibit together, as well as the wonderful legacy by a financial benefactor who had been a school teacher.  Story goes that he tucked money aside with each pay-day and eventually had a financial advisor invest his funds for him so that he COULD leave a sizeable legacy.  What a wonderful thing to do!  The exhibit was then dedicated in his honor.
Ooooooh, every fine lady likes beautiful dresses,
and "window shopping" is always fun!
  Look at all the intricate lace!
(Disregard the photographer in the mirror...)
Even matching shoes and socks.  How about the long hat pins?  Surely a SITU lady or two wouldn't mind one of those beauties for her over-sized hat?  Oh, Miss Curator - have you any others to consider???
We see that someone else has spotted the hat pins too.
What have we here?  The men appear to be drawn...   Aaaaah, to a watch repair exhibit!

"Sir Harry of Essex" tells us that this part of the exhibit reminds him of his Grandfather's workroom where there were always all sorts of fun things to discover by a young boy.  His Grandpa liked to tinker with repairing things.  Might explain why "Sir Harry" is such a good
Mr. Fix-it as an adult...
The Bremerton area in Washington State is well known for its history of logging.  Wouldn't you have liked to use one of these tools to make your life easier?   Wow, what a cross-cut of a large tree!
The piano was sent a very long distance.  Family portraits in very attractive frames too.
Wonder how long it took to build...   We're hungry!  Is that stew cooking?
Any volunteers?  Is that your long-lost cousin there?   There's a Dalmatian around here somewhere...
High "cute-ness factor" going on here!  Just look at those tiny buttons on the shoes!
Talc, perfume, lace, beaded bags - the ladies of
SITU are ready to move into the exhibit!!!
  Elbow-length gloves and more beaded purses, even a  stylish jet-black hat trimmed in feathers - heavenly!
What have the two of you spied?
Oh!  Lovely.  A "Gentlemen's Exhibit".
Dibs on the watch and chain...
  Wait, let me get out my "readers".
I can't see the fine print.
Men just looked so stylish in bowlers, yes?
Lovely "Miss Gayle" stops to appreciate some
vintage photography and equipment.
  Good thing we've since gone "digital".
That camera won't fit in my purse or pocket!
"General Store".  Wonder what the price of
milk was back then...
  Okay ladies.  One last photo and then
we're off for lunch.
Oh, just one final look.
 It's all been so interesting!!!
  We lunched at Anthony's Homeport, very near the ferry terminal.  Let's see, what shall we have?
Consulting with your neighbor...   It all sounds so delicious!
The "Queen" makes some recommendations.   Our favorite photographer is thinking "chowder". Yum!
She - Remove gloves first. Then eat tiny sandwiches.
He - Salad? Burger? So many choices...
  She - Oh yes. Gloves remain much tidier if removed first.
He - What time did she say the ferry leaves today?
These two ladies have done a wonderful job on their outfits.  Notice the trim?
The hats were also meticulously created to "go with" perfectly!
One of our most petite members of SITU and acting 2008 President.
"Miss Pippin" is also one of the original founders of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited.
Thank you for coming up with such a great concept!
Back to what ladies do best - SHOP!!!   Honey, which shall we buy today? This one? That? BOTH?
"Sir Harry" didn't go shopping.  He had his eyes on the Bentley or Rolls in the background....
This punchbowl would come in handy for
our next big Event.
  You don't say -
Do we need an extra bowl?
Did you notice the lace on the blouses of these two ladies?
Imagine the hours it took to sew "insertion lace" into the pattern and do all that clipping to remove the background!
"Miss Pippin's" hat is a perfect example of 1908 and it is stylishly proportioned to her size.
The belt buckle, lace blouse and parasol were wonderful "finds" for her outfit too!
Thank you for inviting Somewhere in Time, Unlimited to participate
in such a lovely event!  We had a great time and look forward to
the next celebration at the Kitsap County Historical Museum!
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