Gypsy wagons by Wally & Victoria Roth of Oregon.


Somewhere in Time, Unlimited Presents:
"Gypsy Caravan Arrives at
Country Village"

Country Village, Bothell, WA

July 12, 2008

  This Summer Event was held at the delightful Country Village, a collection of small retails stores, in Bothell, Washington located just off I-405.

In the heart of the village is a wonderful large open area which performers have used for exhibition.
July 12, 2008 had a record temperature of at least 87 F in Seattle, though in-land, it was far warmer. SITU members and guests toughed out the heat to enjoy the performances!

This year's SITU Summer Event was planned and hosted by the vivacious Miss Marion.  She made all the arrangements to bring in the talents of the many dancers and musicians, as well as the rental of the space used at Country Village.  SITU would like to thank all the participants and Miss Marion for sharing their wonderful skills with us, especially on such a warm day.

Drummers were invited to "get the show on the road" and set the tone for this elaborate event.

Phil, the husband of a SITU member, can be seen above (far right) and again on the violin in the next photo with Miss Marion.  She acted as organizer, M.C. and performed gypsy dances as well.


Somewhere in Time, Unlimited members and guests were invited to bring a picnic lunch and drinks to enjoy under the shade of the large tent erected for this event.  As members came dressed representing a wide variety of gypsy nationalities, there was also a variety of food which was shared - Spanish chicken, rice, filled and rolled crepes, bean salad, fruits,  lemonade, etc.  Sadly, the chocolate delights suffered from the heat...


This young woman participated in a number of dances and displayed her talents of saber balancing too!
Look at her interesting costume - incredible braid work at the bottom edge, a really cool belt and buckle, plus the complimentary ruffles which you can't see when the skirt falls straight.


This lovely lady was limber and light on her feet.  She performed in a beautiful outfit which was full of colour and ruffles - so complimentary to her colouring!

  This talented lady actually created her own costume! 
Isn't it fabulous with the bright colours? When she danced, she seemed on FIRE as she twirled and dipped!




This young artist captivated the audience with her smooth moves and toss of the hair.  Her costume also is interesting with the belt of beading/charms.   Here is a renowned young dancer, originally from Turkey, I believe.  Guests in the audience sang along to the song she performed, clapping and encouraging.

Pictured here, we have a member of SITU performing a flamenco danced called:
"Fandangos de Huelva".

She is a long-time dancer and fellow costumer.  We were delighted to see her perform!


Thank you Miss Marion and lovely ladies for all your efforts and doing such a beautiful job entertaining us!
If you are interested in taking dance classes, contact Lady Victoria and she will link you to the teacher/s.

**Special thanks goes to Kevin Thrapp for taking and then contributing these incredible photos!


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