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South Cle Elum station
Centennial -
"Depot Days"

Saturday - June 13, 2009

One hundred or so years ago, Seattle was a bustling town; quite progressive actually.  Many homes had been built to accommodate the large population, and the factories even had electricity.

The other thing that was remarkable was the "Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition" (AYPE) that was being held in Seattle, a world's fair that would draw people from far and wide. 
Enter the importance of the South Cle Elum Station.


The station connected passengers and goods from the eastside of the State of Washington, to their end destinations, whether they be Seattle, Tacoma,
or points beyond.



The members and friends of SITU were invited by rail engineer "Mr. Mark" to participate in the centennial celebrations as re-enactors of a monumental day.

  Here, "Mr. Mark" gives advice to the ladies about
the AYPE in Seattle.  It's so exciting!
"Sir Harry of Essex" who is representing an English country doctor, asks what time the train is due.  

"Mr. Mark" is busy checking his watch.

  "A Modern Lady" strolls past the station master
to check on her luggage.
  He is busily cleaning his glasses for better vision...


"Miss Kathie", a women's suffragette,
 stands on the platform with "Mr. Mark."

  Here, "Mr. Mark" busily punches the ticket of the lady passengers.  They are very pleased with his speed.


A "Miss Susannah" of Alabama, made it to town to visit the AYPE going on in Seattle. 
She's a loooooong way from home.  Her outfit was created by her talented Auntie Doris of Massillon, OH.


Our photographer (while standing inside the air-conditioned environment of the depot) managed to capture some candid poses of our ladies through the window panes.  The details on the hats are amazing!


Touring inside the station, one could find a number of exhibits of historical photos.  Here, various locomotives & cabooses are shown.


Seated at the window, just near the locomotive photos, a telegrapher demonstrated the difference between the two types of machines & the codes.

If you look very carefully, you can see a model train display behind glass, complete with sand & dirt!   Directly across from the telegrapher is the beautiful "cage" where one can place and send a message.

Here, the telegrapher draws a small crowd.


Rail-man sidles up to the window with a message.


This delightful young lady is visiting from north of Seattle.  Her mother and grandmother had sewn the outfit for her to wear this day.   Our "Lady Victoria" & "Miss Mary" step up to the window to place a telegram to SITU.
Everyone stepped into the cool of the station to catch some refreshments and join heartily in
the sing-along of songs which would've been famous in 1909.

Pictured above: "Miss Mary", "A Modern Lady" (Miss Roxann) & "Miss Corky".

  LEFT: "Miss Agnes" shares her vocal talents with everyone at the station.  "Willy", the small Pomeranian,  travels with "Lady Victoria".
  RIGHT: "Sir Harry of Essex" is overseeing the telegraphers who teletype out to the rail yard where another telegrapher "receives" the message and transcribes it before sending "Young Joey" back in.
Located just outside the Telegraphers' Office, everyone was singing very loudly.
Hopefully, we didn't cause any "type-o's"...
After singing and a lovely lunch, we stepped back outdoors for the re-enactment.  "Mr. Mark" starts by introducing all the volunteer telegraphers and then works thru the other rail-men involved.   Pictured here, see "Sir Harry", "Miss Susannah"
"Young Joey",  and a little girl I shall call

ABOVE: Photographers from all over gathered to record this important day in history.

LEFT: "Miss Suzannah" stands back for a better
view amidst all the paparazzi.

Our group was asked to pose for many photos.
"Gather around the luggage", said one.
  Even "Willy" appears in the photos.
It is a very hot day with thunder clouds rolling in.
  LEFT: "Sir Harry" plays the role of the English doctor.  He mentions in his presentation that there isn't very good beer available in these parts.
  ABOVE: "Lady Victoria" portrays the German visitor named "Elfriede Schraztenstaller of Bavaria Germany", who is riding the train . 
She has friends in Seattle who brew very good
dark beer & will be going to AYPE!
"A Modern Lady" explains how she is a suffragette (pertaining to women's right to vote)
and is on her way to the AYPE as well.
"Young Joey" is busy running telegrams between the station and the telegrapher our in the yard.
"Sir Harry" strolls leisurely down the path.
  "Lady Victoria" as traveler "Elfriede Schratzenstaller" poses on the platform with "Willy" who was named for the German Emperor & King of Prussia,
 Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Taken from a slight angle, the photo depicts the men checking
their pocket watches.  Is the train on time?
A lot has been done by the many, many volunteers to preserve and renew the historic depot.
Even the pathway of where the old rails used to be is now an interpretive walk.

Thank you to all the volunteers for your many hours of dedications and hard work!!!

  Just imagine what people on the platform felt in excitement when they heard the train
coming down the rails 100 years ago.

Imagine what the Engineers would've seen as
they approached the new station.

"Miss Marjorie" (as "Miss Suzannah")
seems to have just stepped out of the past.
Then one notices the modern vehicles to the right.

Group photo of all participants.
Don't they all look smart in their outfits?

It was a good thing that all the photos were taken quickly.
A major storm started coming over the mountains as we packed our vehicles
for the return trip to Seattle.

Commuters were faced with a torrent of rain, so much so that the streets of Cle Elum
were suddenly filled, and our vehicles sent fans of spray high into the air as we drove off.
Then, just as we thought that might be the worst,
we were subjected to large hail stones coming from the sky!

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**Background photo of railroad tracks, courtesy of
professional photographer Dani Simmonds
of Everett, Washington.

Updated July 18, 2009