Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

"Channeling Ezra and
Eliza Jane Meeker"

Tea & Murder Mystery
October 26, 2008
Meeker Mansion, Puyallup, WA

Photo: Courtesy Meeker Mansion
**Due to flash-photography limitations, some of the photos herein are slightly blurred if someone was moving when the photo was taken.  It didn't have anything to do with ghosts, or did it?
Did you see movement at the window?  Was it a man with long white hair or was it a pretty lady?   Did you pass an ox-drawn wagon on your way into the city today?  Who was the man laying in the road?

It was a dark, stormy start to the week back in October, when the members and guests of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, packed themselves into modes of transportation and ventured far south of Seattle to visit the famous Meeker Mansion.

Upon arrival at the mansion, each participant was handed an envelope containing both description and name of the character they were playing, as well as the first set of clues in the murder mystery game.

The story goes that on Sunday, directly following church services, a man is found laying in the road near the mansion.  The woman (of questionable background and means) who finds him, hurries off to find "Doc".  Upon his arrival, he declares the man dead at the scene.  Since this unfortunate circumstance has happened just down the drive from the mansion and the town-folk are passing by after church, everyone decides to step into the mansion for some tea and goodies, "as we do in times of joy and sorrow".  Now we begin...


"Doc" (seated to left of woman in pink) was
one of the main characters.


These ladies are going over the finer
details of Round 1 after searching for spectacles!

The town's "Psychic" (black veil) played a main role in the game, "channeling" the spirits of Ezra and Eliza Jane for clues throughout the afternoon.   The town's "Vet Terry" (in lace shawl) was another character everyone was wary of at various points during the game!
Even "Sheriff Bert" is a questionable character in this game.  He can handle crowd control well, he DOES carry a gun, after all...   The woman who runs the bakery (in an apron) found herself seated next to main character "Mac" who is a cunning and handsome bank robber.
By day a hops dealer, "Miss Miranda" (in plaid) has a dark side to her and people wonder.  It was she who found the dying man.  Why wasn't she in church?   Although not a main character, we were delighted to be charmed by the presence of "The Duchess" and her young escorts this afternoon!
The "Psychic" wandered through the rooms announcing to everyone the clues she was being given by Ezra and Eliza Jane.   The delightful "Rosarian"(in burgundy hat) who was visiting from England, popped by to see how the roses were fairing she planted years before.
The town's reporter had been at church and stopped by to take notes and then go to press!   Here, the woolens "Weaver" (in paisley) chats up the "Rosarian" and "Seth The Gardner" (in plaid cap) for clues, while one of the church ladies looks on.
Careful, "Mac".  Someone might guess the real story behind what you tell people!   "Miss, would you like another cup of tea?"
The costumed wait-staff were so proper!
Shall we break out in song once all the clues have been given?   Aaaaaah, does a table-mate here guess some additional information about "Miss Miranda"?
"Seth the Gardner"  and the Baker are discussing other possible suspects and evidence in the room.   Smile pretty and act 'innocent'!!!
What is happening in the next room?   "Sarah-Mae", the fictional sister of Eliza Jane, is a world renowned dancer on stage.  We heard she has been blackmailing Eliza's personal dresser "Maid Lily" who had inherited the mansion instead of her!
Not to be trusted, it turns out that indeed, "Sarah Mae" was the culprit!  She had laced her gentleman friend's morning tea with cyanide so she could gain his stash of cash to pay for more dance shoes!   The Weaver says,
"Well, young lady, you certainly had us fooled!
Sheriff Bert, come arrest Sarah Mae!"
The "Mayor" is actually the head of the preservationists which oversee Meeker Mansion.
He graciously gave SITU a guided tour!
  What a beautiful niche in the hall on the main floor and conveniently located beneath the stairs!
These lovely ladies did a wonderful job serving pot after pot of hot tea to all of us on this day.  The food was just right and we delighted in your performance.   Not normally available for touring during a high-tea sort of event, our camera was snuck-in today to
"search for clues".  Beautiful old stove...
Festively set table in the formal dining room.   Ladies, can we take you away from your duties?
"Townsfolk" gather with "The Weaver" and "Miss Miranda" on the steps at the side entry.   "Sarah Mae" was "caught and arrested" and will be hauled off to jail shortly.  Where's Sheriff Bert?
"Be right there!  Gotta finish my cigarette."   Saaaaay, what have you got in that satchel?
Three pretty ladies pose - smiiiiiile!!!!   This cowboy has his eye on "Maid Lily".
"The Banker" and "The Church Organ Player" pose for our cameras this afternoon.   "Maid Lily", it's safe now to go back inside.
We've caught the murderer.
By the way, "inherited wealth" looks good on you!

Photo of "Maid Lily" and mystery event organizer, Lady Victoria.
Thank you to everyone for coming to this fun afternoon event in October.
We had a great time and appreciated your sense of humor to "play" along.

Thank you to the Docents and Management of the Meeker Mansion
for agreeing to arrange and participate in the frivolity.

Thank you to the spirits of Ezra and Eliza Jane.
You had a beautiful home and you gave great "clues" this afternoon.

We hope everyone involved enjoyed themselves too!
Ezra Meeker is a notable figure in Northwest history.  He was one of the many who came to the NW in search of a very prosperous farm life for his family.  Born in Ohio in 1830, he married in 1851 to a young woman who shared his interest in farming.  Their story is interesting and heartwarming.  This historic  residence and property is note-worthy as it marks the end of the legendary Oregon Trail.  Please contact the mansion for more information!  
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