• Resources for Sewing Patterns
    Compiled by P. Teubner for
    guilds, commercial pattern
    manufacturers and
    some suggestions/hints.

  • Calling Cards
    Article by C. Claypool describing the origins and uses of calling cards in addition to where we can obtain ones in today's world for ourselves.

  • "We are not amused"
    Brief description of the origins of this comment made famous by Queen Victoria.

  • Books for Costuming Reference
    Compiled by P. Teubner, this is a great guide for choosing reference books pertaining to costumes, hats, purses, hairstyles, etc.

  • Mrs. Humphry's Books
    of Manners

    Researched and compiled by C. Claypool, this is a charming and brief look at etiquette for "teas", "balls", "dinners" and appropriate "traveling dress"

  • Victorian Christmas Card
    An old article pulled from an undetermined magazine regarding the history of the first Victorian Christmas card.

Updated July 27, 2009