Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
Spring Event:

Elegant Air Travel
The 1930's & 40's
Sunday, April 19, 2015
1-4 p.m.

This Spring, SITU takes flight by reminiscing about the elegant air travel of a by-gone era, when stewardesses were chosen for their height and visual appeal, as well as being a Registered Nurse.  Air travel for passengers was a new industry with lots of blue sky ahead!

We will gather at that famous local flight hangar that Bill Boeing has down by his airstrip.  We can loiter just inside the

doors, while we anticipate a guided tour through his collection of planes.  I hear there are even some which are cleverly suspended mid-air!


   All The Details -


What to wear?  Your finest 1930ís/40ís traveling attire, of course!  If you are a more mature person and still have fashions from the 1920ís, Iím sure Mr. Boeing wonít mind

  -   Women are welcome to include pert hats, suits, even a fur fling.  Full fur coat is not needed as we will be indoors and the hangar is well heated.

  -   Gentlemen have it easy - daytime suit, hat, and cane in the event you require it to climb stairs to a plane.

What will happen? As SITU, we have arranged to have a docent from a Mr. Boeing's hangar give us a guided tour of some of the collection.  We might even get a glimpse "into the future" of 20-40 years and see what passenger travell might look like down the road.
What will happens after the tour? After the tour of Mr. Boeingís hangar and collection (about an hour to hour and a half) we will be able to pop over to the cafeteria (Wings Cafe) for a late lunch or snack.  The cafeteria is located conveniently so we can view the nearby runway to watch other planes landing or taking off. 

The offerings in the cafeteria are wide ranging. One can enjoy a salad, sandwich, hamburger, desserts, soda pop, and of course, adult beverages!  If you would like to see what you could purchase, here is the menu page: 

We hear that some smart young boys from the Schwartz family are gaining quite the notoriety with catering.  Rumour is that they are calling themselves "Schwartz Brothers"....

What TIME? The tour begins from the main lobby at 1pm.
RSVP your intention to attend to:
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Prices?   - Seniors 65+  = $15 each
  - Adults18-64  = $17 each
  - Youths 0-17  = $10 each
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These will be emailed to participants a few days before the gathering.  As this gathering is taking place on a Sunday, there should be ample free parking in the lot.

Members will be receiving a pull-out section as usual in the Spring newsletter edition.


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We look forward to your participation in this gathering!

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Edited March 18, 2015