Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
presents the 2014 Winter Event:

"Welcome The Boys Home!"

Sunday, February 23, 2014
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"Over there, over there
Send the word, send the word over there
That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming
The drums are rum-tumming everywhere.

So prepare, say a prayer
Send the word, send the word to beware.
We'll be over there, we're coming over
And we won't come back 'till it's over over there!"

George M Cohan


(Image left, is courtesy of Ms. Clevenger.  It is an image of her Uncle Noel in WWI.)

Come on one and all!  The historical costuming group, Somewhere in Time, Unlimited celebrated and saluted our brave boys who have so gallantly served in the "War to End All Wars."  A fine dinner with music for dancing was enjoyed by all.  A hearty welcome for all. 

Poor Europe was run over by the Huns and those miscreants who wanted to shake down the world.  From 1914 they have been fighting with tough spirit.  They were dug in and dug out, knee deep in mud in the trenches and blown out by mustard gas.  I'm telling you, it was the worst of the worst.  All those times of worry and woe, not knowing whether they would ever see home again, our boys endured.

England asked for the Yanks to help and boy did they!  They came over, and together we were able to settle the deal.  Armistice at last!  On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, peace!


(Image right, is General John Pershing,
General Officer of the United States Army
in charge of leading the
American Expeditionary Forces, WWI.)


We pulled out our smartest outfits and celebrated! Maestro Phil Wilkinson had his musicians ready, one of the finest bands you'd ever want to hear.  There were waltzes, fox trots, polkas, and even something new - the Charleston!

We brought pictures of our soldier or other family member who served, as we wanted to salute them.

We enjoyed a wonderful baked ham and beverages (cider and tea).  People brought side dishes and desserts to share.  We celebrated in a charming, but modest structure (new in 1919!) at the Highland Park Improvement Club in Seattle, Washington.

Images below, were taken during the event.
If we had multiple images of participants that turned out, they have been included...

Maestro Phillip Wilkinson (seated at piano) had his ensemble play some
excellent dance music for us to enjoy!

The hardcore dancers of our group really enjoyed a turn on the dance floor, even before dinner.

On the opposite side of the room,
a extensive array of savory food was
made available on warmed platters.

Hefty servings of baked ham,
potatoes, vegetables,
beautifully prepared side dishes
served in attractive tableware
made the buffet table
most inviting!

Here, pictured to the right,
is a sampling of the
variety of desserts prepared
by our attendees.
Pies, brownies, cakes,
puddings, chocolate -
so much from which to choose!!!

Now it was time to capture images of attendees willing to pose for photos
as keepsakes of our very fine event....

More dancers appeared to take a turn on the dance floor!



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