Somewhere in Time, Unlimited


Greenlake, Seattle, WA
September 21, 2014

Located in Seattle, is a wonderful neighborhood named after the sizeable
lake which is in the heart of the neighborhood,

For the past many years, neighbors and others of us who reside
in the greater Seattle area, gather on a specific date
in celebration of the moon.  Everyone meets
at the specified location, wearing
"autumnal attire" and with lanterns which
they will carry along the pathway of the lake at sundown.

Those who gather to "walk the lake," range in age, costuming ability, and
interpretation of the gathering, but the air bristles with excitement!
People arrived with 3-dimentional
wind-sock sort of lanterns....
While others carried banners
and balloon-round lanterns.
Some people's costume creations used battery-operated L.E.D. lights.
We see Miss Pamela (left) whirling quickly, trying to capture images!

Speaking of which, several of the photos you will be viewing
may appear a bit blurry to you.  That is because
very few people were willing to pause long
enough to take a photo.  This was
a massive parade with a LOT of participants!
This creative young woman
used an old lampshade
that she had thrifted,
recovered it in the type of fabric
she wanted, glued on several
flowers and butterflies.

Inside the frame of the lampshade,
she had rigged cross-netting
so the bottom didn't look
open.  She also managed to wire in
some sort of suspension device
for a lone candle so that it
would be perfectly centered
and the flame wouldn't bother
the fabric of her shade!

Clever girl....

Here, Lady Victoria of Essex (far right) who was dressed
as a "mother earth" sort of entity,
posed with other revelers.

"Black Angels" were just as likely
to be seen on the path of the lake
as children lighting lanterns with tails.

Pictured above, is an amazing float.
The people who created it, had
LED sort of lights that could
change color, outfitted it
with large speakers for music
and featured a "cannon" out the
front.  The whole thing was a "tank."
This young woman in 18th century wig, wore a Victorian-inspired corset
and carried a lacey parasol into which she had wired some
battery operated lights.  (You'll see more later.)
This young man with a rainbow, pinata inspired lantern
with tails, could spin freely as he walked.

Miss Pamela has a beautiful red velvet star on a pole.
She has lit the star with mini Christmas lights!

The Queen of Hearts is bedecked in lights as she chats to the
ladies of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited.

Toys for Big Boys
seemed to also attract the likes of
Lady Victoria and Miss Pamela!

We gathered along the shore of the lake.
Out on a dock, a troupe of musicians played
on their instruments lit by battered-operated LEDs.

Here you see the shoreline, filled with participants.

Oh the beautiful lanterns!  This one had little fish all over it.

Lady Victoria stands along the shore, holding her orange star.

In the dusk, we capture an image of
Lady Victoria and Sir Harry of Essex.

Suddenly, it was time to move from the shore back onto the path
that weaves around the lake...

We spotted an in-coming row boat bedecked with whimsical lanterns.

(People on the move....)

What is that large creature with
the over-sized head???

Where is it leading us?

We all seem to be following
behind like lost lambs,
but it is festive & fun!

What have we here?  There appears to be a lighted tail....

Oh my WORD!  There's the head of the snake!

Devine ladies whose dresses were illuminated, strolled by us
holding a variety of lanterns aglow.

Look at the hat atop the Golden Lady.
"I spy" a "Hello Kitty" in a fish
riding atop her hat!

All too soon, the parade came to an end at the concert area.
The four of us attending from SITU decided to leave
the evening securely in the hands of the
much younger crowd in attendance.

Thank you for viewing our webpage
which was a Dress-up Opportunity for
those interested in costuming

We hope you can attend an upcoming SITU event!

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