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  "Darling, we simply must obtain our membership with SITU!  They have the most outstanding historical gatherings.  It's quite the who's who in attendance...."



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If you have been a SITU member (in 2013)  you are a "Renewing" or "Returning Member."

Please use the PayPal button below to renew your membership for 2014, or send your personal check as described below.
  If you are becoming a SITU member for the first time, you are a "New Member."

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Unless you were a member in 2013, please download the
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  If you are new to us, please download this New Member Form
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To pay your Renewal or
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  Make your $20 check out to:
   Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU)

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    2014 SITU Renewing, or
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MAIL your check to:
    PO Box 16411
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Do you love Victorian Dress?  Do you love the 1920's? 1950's?
Regency Dress? Historical Costuming in general?

If you live in the general Seattle area and enjoy Costuming in Seattle,
then this is the club with your interests in mind!
Most of our members live between Vancouver, B.C. and Portland, Oregon.
We also have members elsewhere in the United States and Internationally.

SITU is a fun group of people with a wide range of
ages and costuming interests,
We offer classes and education to help you along
and to put together "the look" for various eras.

Learn more about us from our homepage:

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Updated on Dec. 16, 2013