Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
together with
Jane Austen Society of America

Houses in Jane Austen’s Life and Fiction

Sunday, June 22, 2014
11:30am - 3:30pm

Dear Lizzie:   Oh, what a time we will have!  We’re going to the most elegant of Town Houses for a party on Sunday, June 22nd.  We’re all dressing up ‘cause it should be almost summer and we want to show off our finery.  I’m told that they have a new French chef and the luncheon will be quite fine.


It reminds me of when we last went to Almack’s for the Assembly.  This time, instead of dancing, there is to be a famous speaker, Mistress Lutz.  She is to talk all about homes in the city and the country, with wonderful pictures to gaze upon. I don’t know about all that, but I do so love a party! They say the place is in the Robert Adam style, with a ballroom festooned in luxurious drapery and huge gilt mirrors.

I do hope there will be men, although I’ve heard that the navy may be in town.----your dear sister, Lydia

Members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (a historical costuming club) were invited to join the Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) in a Gala event.  Everyone gathered in the historic Women’s University Club, a beautiful building reminiscent of an 18th c, salon. An elegant luncheon was served, with a presentation on the homes of the Regency, quizzes and prizes.  Iris Lutz, current president of JASNA made a presentation on :


‛ proportion to their family and income’:  Houses in Jane Austen’s Life and Fiction”


Attendees learned and saw more about the stately homes and modest abodes that inspired Austen’s fiction and provided the refuge that comforted her in life.  Ms. Lutz  featured images of these houses, along with selected passages from Austen to enhance the mood of our visit to England.

{Left:  Exterior of Women's Club located in Seattle, WA}

Participants gathered in the main salon.

Ladies could be spotted wearing beautiful
Regency-era attire - Round gowns,
Spencer jackets, plus
Bonnets of various sizes.

Gentlemen arrived wearing a
variety of finery and sporting
stylish head adornment.


Suddenly, we were notified to adjourn to the lower ballroom for lunch.

Ladies floated down the steps, escorted on the arms of the gentlemen.

The luncheon served was a three course menu: salad, chicken and mushroom crepes, rice pilaf,
seasonal vegetables, mousse on a shortbread crust, coffee or tea. 
Vegetarian and food allergies were accommodated.


After the main course of lunch had been served and after the presentation,
rounds of clever games were played.
 Each table was responsible for the answers to within their own tablemates.
Miss Kimberly announced the answers and prizes were awarded.

Three of the SITU Gentlemen Members:
Mr. Larry, Mr. Rob and Mr. Marty!

All too soon it was time to leave these beautiful environs,
but not before one final image was captured for posterity!

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Updated December 2,, 2014