Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
together with
The Washington Regency Society

Spring Event
"Easter Bonnet Tea"

April 6, 2014


The day began for many, in downtown Sumner, WA.

Several of us met around 1 pm to begin antiquing.  We started with Kristi's
and then worked our way up the street to the local antique mall.

Sweet vignette assembled in the store.

Very helpful clerk efficiently handled our purchases!

Here, you see a few of the ladies strolling into
the antique mall.

There were maaaaaany wonderful finds:
vintage clothing, gloves & shoes,
hat boxes, furniture,
even a horse bridle!

Follow us thru the mall as we share some
lovely images of what we enjoyed...


What have we here?  It's Miss Joanna who appears to have spotted
something beautiful in the large glass case.
I wonder what she will buy....

Lookie who we spotted here today -
it's Miss Mari!

Her velvet Regency Era hat & Spencer
are historical copies of
a famous outfit worn in
a Regency-era movie.

Doesn't she look fantastic?
The gold is such a glorious color on her.

Lady Victoria had to chuckle.  These are the same
type of cups that her grandmother allowed
her to use for coffee when Lady V
was a child.  Mmmmm, coffee with milk!

Shabby chic products could be found in this
shopkeeper's stall.  The silverware was
appealing and drew people in for
a closer look.

Black and cream made an
attractive combination on this table.

This creative seller use chalk paint in a
vintage white and pale pink!

The little candle was made in Germany - a good value at only $2.50!

Here are three of our ladies chatting with
Sir Harry of Essex about something they spotted.

Over here everyone - Please smile prettily
for your favorite Paparazzi!

As we left the store, we spotted other lovely
vignettes in the storefronts of other
stores which were not open on this day.

Too bad for them.  There was in
excess of 40 people shopping in town
and the stores missed out
on sales.

Are those more of our ladies?

Yes it is!  Wave ladies...

After an afternoon of shopping,
several of us decided to visit the saloon
for a quick liquid refreshment.

In the spirit of "All for one and one for all,"
we stepped inside the saloon...


Suddenly, it was time to move from
downtown and shopping,
to the beautiful Victorian house
called "The Secret Garden Tearoom"
a few blocks away..

The Secret Garden Tearoom is a beautiful Victorian home
which was converted to a restaurant/tearoom.
Welcome to the Easter Bonnet Tea!

Here, two bunnies
(Sir Harry of Essex and wife, Lady Victoria)
greeted participants as they
arrived for the tea.

Secret Garden has a number
of wonderful arbors
which support climbing roses.

Stop by another time a couple
of months from now to
view the roses in full bloom!


The porch sports large house numbers.

As you step inside, there's a sweeping staircase.
Miss Joanna poses on the staircase.  Her demure image belies her vivacious spirit!
Long-time historical costumers and friends, Miss Barbara, Miss Susan and Miss Kimberly

Everyone arrived in a variety of festive hats.
Some represented Regency era, Victorian, and
various "creative" or not era specific hats.
(Above: Miss Janet & Miss Bobbie)

To the right, Miss Bobbie sports a cheery
1920's cloche with a bright red silk flower.

People moved about the room, finding
a spot to sit with friends.
Here, we see a number of members
from the Washington Regency Society.

There were really beautiful Easter decorations
on side tables and vintage china
on display in cabinets.


Miss Kimberly, Mr. Terry, and Miss Julie
are festive in Regency-era attire.


Miss Billie in a Springy hat and
lovely lace dress.

Miss Terrolynn wearing a hat
with bluebird, flowers & a feather.

Miss Karen is SITU-University's
Education Coordinator

Miss Louise gives us a bright smile
from beneath a ribbon rose hat.

Miss Amanda flashes her "pearly whites."

Another beautiful woman in Regency attire.

Mr. Larry looks spiffy in cut-away and bow tie.

Miss Pam is elegant in Victorian hat and real fur cape.

Miss Deborah

Miss Agnes is wearing a velvet Regency hat
embellished with ribbon flowers.

Miss Joanna and friend share a joke.

Here, Miss Mari and Miss Cynthia enjoy the chuckle!

Sir Harry surveys the list of teas offered...

Queen Julia looks festive in a rosy hat!

Queen Julia had brought photos with her and shared them with Lady Paisley.

 Mr. Rob looks debonair in vest & ascot.

SITU's "Countess" is awash in lovely blue netting!

Countess and Miss Judy are seated next to Sir Harry.
They are busy looking a wonderful photos of a recent trip to Italy.

Miss Pippin's Regency bonnet is lovely
with the hand made ribbon roses.

"Rubber Ducky" catches a ride atop
the hat of a new member!

Festive bonnets of the Regency era worn
by Miss Julie & Mr. Terry.

Miss Bobbie is seated next to
Lady Patricia.

Lady Victoria brought a fan to temper the
heat in the very full restaurant.

Mr. Terry is stunned by the appearance of
"Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny."

First course were freshly made scones,
served with lemon curd, jam & clotted cream.

The 3-tier service arrived at the table.
Each layer was so enticing!
Close-up of each layer of the goodies....



After the Tea, several of the attendees decided to take
a turn looking thru the delightful shop offering
tea-related products and feminine delights.
Suddenly, it was time to go.  More photos taken out in the garden!

Mr. Easter Bunny Poses with Miss Kimberly.

Miss Kimberly poses with Mrs. Bunny too!

Miss Joanna consults with Mr. Easter Bunny.

Mrs. Easter Bunny hides behind a planter.

Countess pauses in an arbor for a photo.

Miss Joanna: "Mr. DeMille, I'm ready..."
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experienced at this gathering.

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