Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Art Deco Japan
Seattle Asian Art Museum

October 5, 2014

On a sunny day in early October,
several friends and members of
the historical costuming group
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
gathered on the steps of the
Seattle Asian Art Museum, located
at Seattle's historic Volunteer Park.

The organizer of our gathering on
this day was the delightful and
vivacious Miss Vanessa.
Upon our arrival, we paid our entry for the exhibit and began our tour.

First to catch our eye were to massive pieces of textile work -
one was a Kimono and the other a very large screen.

As we strolled thru the exhibit, it struck many of us
how many times the theme of tobacco related items
were incorporated into the items on display.

For example, Kimonos would have images of cigarette
packages, matches, smoke, etc. woven into the silk.
There was a display of small cigarette cases too.

There were amazing displays of cut and blown glass
vases and home accessories.

Sir Harry of Essex as he steps
through another Deco doorway.

Beautiful vases everywhere!
Which one do you like?

Our little group continued on our self-guided tour to
the Evelyn W. and Albert O. Foster Galleries.

Image of the entry gates and overhead transom.

The Countess Cassimira (above) turned back for a photo.

Miss Vanessa (below) agreed to take a photo at the gates as well.

Dapper Sir Harry was the solitary
gentleman with us on this day.

Lady Victoria of Essex posed for a
photo before this Deco gate.

From the windows of the massive
windows, one has a view of Volunteer Park.

Many of the stately trees on the land
were planted by volunteers 100+ yrs ago.

Miss Janet (above) is spotted viewing the images of a famous cartoon-style artist.
These images had been put together in a film-stream which showed war images.

Even the light fixtures of the museum are stylish Deco!

Looking down at the entry doors, one
sees a wall of windows & stacked cornice.

Miss Janet passes one of the large
support pillars with decorative rings.

Miss Vanessaand Miss Rebecca look fabulous in vintage inspired attire!

Miss Rebecca (above and below) actress, is stylish in her late 1930's ensemble.

Here we see Miss Vanessa (below), our event's coordinator, giving the
large dromedary a quick peck...

Our group photo was captured by a fellow visitor.
They were so delighted to see us.
Several cell phones and iPads appeared out of the nowhere!

Then it was "off to lunch" at the Volunteer Park Cafe
in Seattle's Capitol Hill residential neighborhood.

Lady Victoria shared a photo she took.
Said she was going to order the
"tomato bisque" for lunch.

Here is when Lady V noticed her
reflection in the window - about the
time she viewed pumpkin carving details.

Sir Harry of Essex was just happy
to enjoy a refreshing coffee!

The Countess opted for an iced coffee.
The temp in the restaurant was warm.

Lady Victoria and Miss Janet waited for their lunch....

(Miss Janet and Countess Cassimira - above)


"SMIIIIILE Ladies!" Miss Vanessa had a friend visiting from
San Francisco where she too, is a historical costumer
with the Greater Bay Area Costuming Guild.

All too soon, our lunch and time together came to a close.
Fortunately for us, a fellow restaurant patron
managed to snap a photo of us all together.
Miss Agnes (far left in red tones)
managed to join us for the luncheon.

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we experienced at this gathering.

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