Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Regency Bonnet Workshop
as presented by
Miss Ruth Haring of the
Washington Regency Society (WRS)


A few members from Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) had been invited
by the ladies of the WRS to attend a Workshop being taught by Miss Ruth.

We were so excited!  Here was a seasoned historical costumer
willing to teach a day-long workshop in her residence,
AND all the ladies had brought wonderful treats to share
while we took a little break to enjoy them with a cup of tea.
This was a gathering we all anticipated with delight!

Miss Nichelle chooses to use a glue gun instead of needle and thread.

Miss Mari & Miss Erin work on their bonnets with big smiles!

A guest of the WRS joined us on this day.
She was doing a beautiful job
on the bonnet she was creating.

She had driven a long way
to join us on this day.

We were glad she enjoyed
the afternoon with us.


The snack table was stocked with an assortment of wonderful treats.
Attendees visited the table more than once...

Our delightful hostess and instructor.

Her pretty daughter!

Where's a thimble when you need one? Aaaaaah, muuuuuch easier to work!

The lovely Miss Erin in her bonnet,
which is ready for embellishments.

Miss Agnes is testing various silk ribbons
and a glorious brown feather.

What do you think?  Shall I use a blue feather?
Bonnet has turned out quite lovely.

Camera taking a photo of another camera,
taking another photo!

Many thanks for inviting ladies of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited to participate
in this Regency Bonnet Workshop in Washington State.
We appreciate your hospitality and willingness to teach this Workshop.
A "tip of the hat" to you!
If you'd like to know more about this fun group,
please visit our
homepage to view
photos of Prior Events, check out our educational
programs, see what activities we are
going to participate in next!

Updated September 15, 2012