Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Queen Elizabeth II's
Diamond Jubilee

July, 2012

Queen Mary's Tearoom
Seattle, WA USA

Our beloved, benevolent, and most gracious sovereign has ruled
the British Empire and her people for these past 60 years. 
She is the second longest reigning monarch in British history,
 the first being Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years.

The Diamond Jubilee was the time we celebrated our Queen's longevity as ruler,
and drank a toast in her honor!

Members and friends of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
(a historical costuming group based in the general Seattle, Washington area of the USA),
gathered as "members of the extended royal family."

Their invitation held these instructions:
"Wear your crown, tiara, or diadem, and prepare to raise a toast.  Revel in the savories and delicacies served by the wait staff, while you are surrounded by the visual all-things-British "eye-candy" of the tearoom!"

Members of SITU settled at various tables.

Countess Cassimira sipping tea.

Baroness Von Kleinschmidt and Lady Paisley share a joke.

Countess Cassimira and Miss Pippin raise a toast.

Miss Pippin gets creative in tiara-creation.
Don't own a real one, glitter and creativity work too.

Miss Joan, Miss Sharon & Countess Cassimira.

Miss Sara, Miss Erin, Baroness Von Kleinschmidt.

Many friends and "relatives" gathered together for images.
Here, Lady Victoria poses with two new friends.

Miss Beverly looks especially festive in her red hat today!

Miss Bobbie in vintage diadem & pearls.

Miss Beverly enjoys a chuckle.

Lady Victoria raises a toast to her Majesty!

Sir Harry of Essex & the Baroness.

Lady Paisley.

Queen Julia of Kent.

Miss Pippin and tablemates.

Queen Julia, sporting a fun rhinestone ring!

Sir Harry enjoys a joke with our paparazzi!

Miss Kimberly, President of SITU.

Miss Karen Abbey, darling as ever...

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Long live the Queen!

Thank you to Queen Mary's Tea Room & Restaurant for
a joy-filled celebration, tasty food,
and a wonderful time at your establishment.

We'll be back...

Updated November 25, 2012