Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

A Summer Excursion To The Country
Wagon Ride, Picnic & Dessert!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Summertime in days of old, Seattleites looked for
an excuse to get out of the city.

They would band together to travel across the mountain pass.  There, they could enjoy a healthful day in nature and fresh air; sunshine, away from the constraints of city life.

Nothing's changed.  We still long to do both!

Lady Victoria had a phone call from a friend (a horse-outfitter), who lives just across Snoqualmie Pass.  When they lived in Renton, they would go Christmas caroling in Lady V's neighborhood from the comfort of a covered wagon drawn by two horses.

So it was decided that Lady Victoria should invite several of her friends from the historical costuming club, Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, to join her for some summertime frivolity.

This group of friends carpooled across the mountains to meet up with Lady V's long-time friend, "Happy Jack." 

The idea was to enjoy a wagon ride through the countryside in Jack's large, horse-drawn wagon, followed by a picnic and dessert at the historic Easton Saloon.

"Happy Jack" has been leading guided horse tours
and participating in parades, for years.

Friends gathered near Jack's wagon & horses.
Jack was busy greeting several old friends and welcoming new folks!

Before long, we were on our way, passing the properties belonging to Jack's neighbors.
The horses in the paddocks whinnied their greeting to Jack's horses.

"Mother" and "Baby" in this paddock.  Stunning beauties.

Miss Pippin rode up front with Happy Jack, taking advantage
of the view and fascinating conversation.

Jack's cowboy friend (with beard), sat on the
"tailgate" of the wagon and chatted with us.

Jack's friend riding "Cim"
a Clydesdale and Quarter horse mix.

Miss Kimberly & Miss Debra are thinking about times in the Old West.

Miss Bobbie, Miss Sharon and "Jimmy" - in rapt attention....

Uncle Mark and Sir Harry are caught up with the story too.

Countess Cassimira traded for the front spot and was really enjoying herself!

Lady V's good friend Jack, took us to visit his friends who run a camp for children.
We are headed for "The Tunnel of Love!"

Very sturdy construction to handle the weight of horses, wagon & friends!

Camp organizers and children were so excited to see us.
They rushed out to greet our merry group and pet the horses.
Many of these people are Jack's friends and neighbors.

Miss Penelope waves "bye-bye" to the children
as we finally make our way off the property.
What a wonderful piece of land!

Now it was Miss Hannah's turn to ride up front with Jack.
His stories of the history of the camp, how it came into possession
of the current owner, all the good they are doing in the community,
how much they like and support Jack, all proved to be good conversation.

Miss Bobbie took a turn next...

GOODNESS! A brisk wind suddenly picked up and nearly blew off hats
which were not "nailed down" with long hat pins or a bolero strap.

Jack paused to have everyone step off the coach to read about the Easton trailhead.
"The Iron Horse Park" is of historical significance.
We spent several minutes here while Jack gave us a history lesson.

Those who required use of "facilities" were not disappointed.
There was no need to wander off into bushes.
Efficient services were available along The John Wayne Trail.

Miss Debra and Countess Cassimira are chatting with the horses.
One wonders, did the ladies get any racing tips too?

Uncle Mark looks dapper in plaid shirt & cowboy hat.
We noticed the horses were less interested in him, than the ladies.

"Peeky-boo!" Careful, Miss Shirley -
Cimarron is coming up behind you
and wants your hat!

Even Jack listened to a story
that Miss Kimberly told as we
rode along in the fresh air.

Miss Pippin wore summer gloves which were netted.

A different type of "horse power" coming along side us.
We waved at the motorists who were smiling ear to ear.
Bet they never expected to find historically dressed friends together today!

Jack talked about this building.  We noticed the steep roof is
well suited to shedding heavy snow loads.

Property after property, Jack pointed out various points of interest and how
the properties were important to Easton, now AND then.

Da Boyz are beautiful trophies which hang at the Eastern Saloon.

We broke out our picnic supplies we had brought along.  We were grateful to
have been in an air conditioned environment, as the weather had turned quite
warm on this day, despite the dusty wind we encountered.

Today is Jimmy's birthday.  Glad you are having a great day!!!


Several of the cowboys hurriedly sat down with us when Lady V offered them some of
her excellent chicken!

We had lots of questions for Jack -
about the old days of cowboys in the area,
about why this kind of life is "dying."

Cowboys are cowboys,
regardless of the town...

Jack is a very colorful character.
He made a great story-teller on our picnic!

What sounds more appealing for a summer picnic than
apple pie and key lime pie?

Not exactly "historically accurate," Miss Hannah and Miss Bobbie
are caught checking their high-tech smart phones for email.
Somehow, I don't think our Victorian ancestors would have thought of that.

Miss Shirley looks adorable with one of The Boyz.

Cowboys consulting Jack's big book for some exhibit to
show Miss Kimberly, Miss Pippin and Miss Debra.

Other patrons of the saloon wouldn't have thought to have us as guests today.

Easton Saloon's back bar

"Cim" has been busy while we were picnicing
eating the tall grass outside the Saloon.

Wait, Miss Kimberly!  Let's take your photo....

"Come on, Cim.  It's time to head home again."

"Aaaaaall aboard?"

We said goodbye to the saloon's owner.  We had a great time.

"Goodbye!  Thanks for spending time with us!"

We were back on the road again, singing on top of our lungs.
Miss Pippin lead us in sea shanties and every old-time camp song she remembered.
Harmony lines.  Full on joy.  Our group couldn't have been happier.

"How did you get started in the horse bid-nez, Happy Jack?"
Jack was happy to respond, Jack talked about his background leading up to present.

Jack spoke extensively about the men who were instrumental in the area
and who brought about the John Wayne Trail.  We were delighted
to know that there were people like Jack, dedicated to
educating a whole new generation of people.

He talks about the ways of cowboys, the history of the area,
the significance of Easton and Cle Ellum to our State's history,
and he also provides the experience of being around the horses and nature.
What an asset he is to our state to have a Living Historian in our midst!

"Home, home on the range....."

Hellooooooo - What have we here?
The gate has been locked and the National Parks Representatives
are parked along the path.

Now, what to do?  What is the problem?  Are horses not allowed?
There isn't a sign about horses.  Notation regarding dogs, but not horses.

The irony of the day?  Check out the signage...

The two spaces where the Rangers parked has a "No Parking Any Time" sign, and,
the brown sign to the right states, "No Motorized Vehicles Allowed."

Now, wouldn't you think that meant off-road vehicles and noisy motor bikes?
What kind of noise can 2 horses make, just clopping along?

Cim is also displeased at the hold up of our progress.
The presence of "Les Gendarmes" have put a wrinkle into Cim's plans!
So, it's back to eating long grass for Cim and another
round of camp songs for us while things are sorted out with officials.

What could the officials be thinking?
"Might need back-up.  Looks like these historical type people outnumber us...."

Can we get going yet?  Jack went to talk to officials.

Now State Patrol and area Sheriff came in to help Jack in the situation.

Our merry group was detained for about half an hour.
Our freedom of movement and access to the John Wayne Trail
was being restricted by those who didn't want us and the horses on the trail.

Obviously, the disagreement would be a fight for another day.
Our group was released and the gate reopened.
We were back on our way!

At the end of day, we all went back to Jack's home.
It had been a long day of fun, being out in nature with friends,
as well as meeting up with Lady Victoria & Sir Harry's friend,
"Happy Jack", his horses, and the cowboys.

Thank you so much for the ride, the picnic gathering, all the
singing, and of course, the wonderful history lessons we enjoyed during the day.
Spending time with you, Happy Jack, has been a true honor!

We then jumped into our cars to head into town to do a bit of antique hunting....

If you'd like to know more about this fun group,
please visit our homepage to view
photos of Prior Events, check out our educational
programs, see what activities we are
going to participate in next!
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