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Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

"Anna & Mr. Bates go to Town"
(A Downton Abbey Themed Gathering)

October 21, 2012
Tacoma, Washington

Downton Abbey and its family require constant care from the staff. 
There is the weekly half day off though, and Mr. Bates and Anna had arranged to enjoy the day together. 

(Brick building in this photo is the world-famous Annie Wright School (a girls' academy), located in Tacoma, WA)

A crisp fall day was the perfect time for a jaunt into to town!
Members and friends of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited gathered on this day for a group photo.

Upon the capture of the group photo, participants were offered choices for the day.
What about taking in the newest exhibit at the big museum?  We heard it is quite the rage.

Afterwards, we might be able to find a frippery or two at the second hand stores there in Old Town.
Mr. Bates had arranged a delightful meal to cap the day at a charming place close by.  
We could meet up with friends any place along the way!

Our participants were attired similar to costumes of Downton Abbey.

The gentlemen stopped long enough for a photo without the ladies.
We were lucky enough to still have our "Doughboy" before he went off to WWI.
The men looked spit and polished for their trip into town!

With the men of the group as inspiration, our ladies joined together for a quick photo as well.
Beautiful outfits topped by stylish hats made for a show-stopping ensemble.

Residents of the school stepped out long enough to take their own photos of us.
Vehicular and foot traffic slowed down to appreciate the colorful spectacle before them!

The entry plantings and monument to the property make a lovely setting for a pretty lady's photo. Miss Loveday sports a cheery hat with veil and feathers, along with comfy muff on this brisk day!
Countess Cassimira wears a lovely fur stole over her attire, while a sapphire blue hat lends bright color. The delightful Wolfcat family in 1910-inspired attire,
look just perfect with their darling daughter!
Mr. & Mrs. Forsstrom are most chic
in their 1920's-inspired attire.
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg - Looking stylish in custom hats, soutache on lavender coat, and tall riding boots!
Miss Kimberly, Barbara, and Mary.
Beautiful examples of the styles of the era.
Miss Kimberly wears 1912 attire, complimented
by a Toque hat by Wayne Wichern.
Socialites Lady Victoria and Sir Harry of Essex were spotted at this gathering as well.
Lady Victoria in 1918 style, is wearing fur (faux) and wool hat. 
Sir Harry is wearing frock coat and an Edwardian Homburg hat, available from Hartmeyer.
"I DO declare!"  Two new members chat with
Mr. Kamata (wearing vintage spectacles).
Miss Sharon is the picture of chic and trim in her
stylish Edwardian-era attire!

We set off to onto the next part of our big adventure into town...

After visiting the museum exhibit and acquiring multiple wonderful finds on antique row,
we found our way to the cozy establishment
called Grassi's Garden Cafe.

Here, we were welcomed by the staff and
the proprietor of the restaurant.

Inside, our eyes fell on the attractively
decorated vignettes at various
spots throughout the space.

We found our way to tables to break bread together.

The proprietor, Mr. Ken, served up an assortment of fine refreshments!

Mr. John and Miss Terrolynn (ACSR of WA) caught up with our group
after spending the day in the pursuits of re-homing rescued Cocker Spaniels.

The sign in the window was fair warning of the hearty, home-style food we would be served...

We had a terrific day off and enjoyed
each other's company!

We decided we needed to do this more often
and have set a date for our next gathering in time
for the upcoming holidays.

If you would like to know more about this
wonderful historical costuming group,
the terrific gatherings we produce,
the classes we offer, and all
the fun we have together,
you simply MUST
check out our homepage for
more details!

We look forward to seeing you at an
event in the near future!

If you have any questions, feel free
to email: Info "at" SITUSeattle.com

Updated Oct. 23, 2012