Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Design Studio - Costume Alchemy

June 30, 2012

King County Library
Redmond, WA

SITU Design Studio. 
Definition:  A form of "show-n-tell" whereby members and friends of SITU learn about historical costuming by viewing garments, accessories and drawings.  Sometimes these sessions are era-specific, other times participants learn about historical costuming in general.

On this day, members and friends of SITU gathered at the library for a most fascinating presentation by a number of different historical costumers.  Many had been costuming for a long time, while others have been costuming for a shorter time period.  Each presenter brought in examples of garments.

Today's Design Studio focused on what someone could purchase from a thrift store, ebay, or sew, in order to put together an outfit for an event or gathering.

Our "Alchemy" Design Studio was hosted by Miss Sharon and Miss Shirley.

(Left) A few participants were looking through design boards in advance.

The tables contained beautiful examples of costuming ideas and books to consult.
If you enjoy historical costuming, the Seattle area is a great place!
There are a number of costume groups in Seattle.
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) is one of them.

Our presenters brought in the most amazing
assortment of goods.

This beautiful hat had been purchased by
Miss Joan at a thrift store.
She wondered about the unusual pink-sand
sort of tone it has.

One day, while she was cruising another
thrift store, she found an outfit
with the EXACT color match.  She
even had the grey gloves to compliment!

Lucky finds indeed...

Hats by Queen Julia

Participants of today's Design Studio
were encouraged to write a
question onto a little card provided,
and tuck it onto the board.

The questions would be posed to the
presenters, so that all could learn.

What a terrific idea!

Before the Design Studio began, all were encouraged to enjoy
the potluck tea which was laid out on the buffet.

Miss Sharon brought her beautiful teacup collection for us to use!

(Front row, L-R) Miss Kathy, Miss Sharon
(Back row, L-R) Miss Patty, Miss Joan, 2 participants

Miss Shirley (in turquoise) answers a
question from Lady Paisley

Miss Mary is an instructor in our area.
She shows us her husband's garments for this class.

Miss Mary showed us how to alter a shirt.

Miss Joan is holding up a fine vintage shawl.

Queen Julia is a recent addition to historical costuming.

Here, Queen shows us how she creates her fantastic hats...


Miss Pippin (blue) sits in rapt attention, while
Countess Cassimira scribbles notes.

Miss Patty is showing her husband's Regency jacket.


Miss Patty explains that she look a long wool coat,
and with a little creative imagination,
converted the coat into Regency-era tails!
Here is another example of Miss Patty's handiwork.
She has reinvented the use of a pretty blazer,
then added an equally smart striped skirt.
Miss Agnes is another professional instructor and long-time historical costumer.
In this example, she is describing the "swimming costume" she had created a few years ago.

She offered a few suggestions how, if she were to sew this pattern again,
she would make different decisions regarding adjustments and openings.
When creating an 18th century garment, we learned that
historical costumers frequently use the fabric from quilted duvet covers as petticoats,
to replicate the quilted petticoats worn in the 1700's.

Here, Miss Agnes shows us different 18th century garments.
Lady Paisley makes a presentation using accessories.

Will you use short gloves, or long?
What is the protocol?

What a darling jacket.
I think it has "Pippin's name" all over it!

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