Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Croquet & Picnic in The Park

Sunday, August 2012


Volunteer Park

Seattle, Washington, USA

Denise and Holly Hendrick invited their historical costuming friends
to join them for a game or two of croquet.

The date and time were set.
Instructions included that participants were to bring something to share for the picnic,
and were to be attired in any historical era they preferred.
After the picnic goods were enjoyed, serious "whacking" of croquet balls was in store!

Participants arrived in Regency, 18th century, early 1900's, as well as 1920's attire.

Upon arrival, we see that the field-of-play has already been set.
The course is going to be challenging, as the grass is uneven and contains divots.

Miss Debra and Lady Paisley relax after lunch.

Christopher is beautifully dressed in 18th century attire.

These ladies represent Regency and early 1900's.

Miss Pippin is spotted working a crossword puzzle.
We're told she LOVES to do this.

Miss Rebecca and Miss Denise chat, while
Sir Harry of Essex is spotted just beyond.

Miss Holly was one of the photogs on this day.
Most of the images found on this page were provided by Lady Victoria.

Countess Cassimira enjoys a break from croquet.

Miss Rebecca adjusting her 1900's hat.

Wait, Miss Pippin, your ribbon is coming untied....

It's good to sip refreshments, or do some needlecrafts between rounds of croquet!

(L-R:) Miss Agnes, Miss Pippin, Miss Debra

(L-R:) Miss Denise, Christopher, Miss Debra

Hold on there, Mr. Squirrel, that sandwich is mine! 

How is your afghan coming along, Miss Sara?

(Hushed tone) She lines up the shot...

Miss Debra scores again!

Also at the park on this day, was a group of young men
practicing their sword-fighting skills.

(L-R:) Christopher, Lady Paisley, Miss Sara, Miss Agnes.

The Countess lines up her shot.
Miss Denise waits her turn.

Sir Harry gives the term,
"Put a little English on the ball" new meaning!

Miss Sara, "Say cheeeeeeese!"

The Grand Dame enjoys the atmosphere.
Christopher sets ups for his shot..

"Hey, I see balls!  Let's play!"

Are you packing up already?  We still have more refreshments to enjoy....


Lady Victoria

Sir Harry of Essex
All too soon it was time to depart.
We all promised to meet up again soon.  This was such a lovely experience.
Thank you, Denise and Holly for the invitation for a wonderful afternoon!

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Updated Nov. 15, 2012