Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Costume Sale

Saturday, June 23, 2012
at the Queen Anne Christian Church
1316 - 3rd Avenue West, Seattle, WA

A member of the historical costuming group, Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU), has passed away.
Dr. Kay Rheinhard was well liked and a long time historical costumer.
Her vast estate of garments, accessories, patterns, and fabrics were donated to SITU
by her husband, as a way of fundraising for the club.

It was decided that a Costume Sale would be held.
Members of SITU would be able to come and sell their products as well.
The sale was open to both the public and our members.

The sale was VERY well attended indeed....

The Costume Sale was held at the Queen Anne Christian Church.
As you can see, there was a steady stream of shoppers all afternoon.

Men and women came to make purchases from a terrific selection of offerings.
GREAT fun for Victorian re-enactors, those interested in historical costuming,
or looking for costumes in Seattle.

The ladies looked over a wonderful
selection of dresses brought by a member.

It'll be wonderful to see another fortunate lady
at one of our gatherings, wearing
one of the beautiful garments
she purchased here at the Costume Sale!

One of our sellers brought items one
could use for Steampunk!

Selections of garments and accessories were SO tempting!

Countess Cassimira sells colorful chapeaux!

What have we here?  Items for the gentlemen!

Dr. Rheinhard's widower is spotted giving advice to a shopper, while Lady Paisley (in tiara) looks on.

Shoppers found all sorts of terrific bargains.

Several theatrical groups also had arrived
to purchase products in time for
upcoming productions.

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Somewhere in Time, Unlimited is an energetic and fun historical costuming group
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Updated July 3, 2012