Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

"Bastille Day Celebration"
with the
French/American Chamber of Commerce
Seattle, Washington

July 14 , 2012

Several members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (a historical costuming group based in the Seattle, WA area)
gathered at the famed Seattle Center, near the base of the Space Needle.

Today was Bastille Day and we came to celebrate with our friends, the
French/American Chamber of Commerce!


The day was very hot and muggy.  An umbrella is being used to ward off the random
rain droplets which would appear out of the sky at regular intervals.

The young representatives from the Chamber were dressed in colorful attire.
Here, they post with Lady Victoria (in feathered hat) before vintage French automobiles
which were parked surrounding the large fountain at the Seattle Center.

SITU's Queen Julia came dressed in
sugary pink and white.

A French Chamber representative looks
adorable in the French flag's colors!

Miss Agnes poses wearing a quilted,
lavender petticoat, tailored jacket with a
"stomache,r" and topped with jaunty hat!

Miss Kimberly pauses for a photo.  She's wearing
a custom outfit which features an ombre ribbon
neckline and sweet hat.

Miss Rebecca appears cool in light fabric
and attractive parasol!

Miss Bobbie looks adorable in Regency attire
which she has topped with a straw bonnet!

Who is that handsome young man?

Why, he is one of the Interns who has
spent the summer working at
the French Chamber of Commerce
in Seattle!

At the end of his term,
he and some lovely ladies
will be returning home to France.

Must say, he looks quite dashing in the
18th century outfit.

Wonder if we could entice him to
stay long enough to participate in other
SITU events in the near future....

Everyone was in a celebratory mood despite the heat.
There were refreshments of pomme fritte, sandwiches, specialty cheeses,
wines - oh the wonderful imported wines - and great music.

Miss Kimberly shares a chuckle
with our photographer...

While Miss Kimberly's mother enjoys
the joke at the photographer's expense.

Two Interns, discussing the program
and sequence of the activities
for the rest of the afternoon.
Our group was asked to join with the French Chamber staff to sing
the French National Anthem while we did a little parade past the crowd of on-lookers.

The pretty Intern, dressed in purple, is inviting other people to step into the parade with us as well.

Next, we need to check the music with the words...written in French!
Now why did we study Spanish when French would've been handy about now?

(L-R:  Miss Bobbie in pink, Lady Victoria navy & white, Miss Kimberly in red,
Miss Rebecca in pale blue, and Miss Agnes in purple and beige.)

An observer of the festivities is spotted on the roof.
What a fanciful lot we must be to him.

Ladies of Influence:
Lady Victoria & Queen Julia.

Intern for the Chamber?
Maybe a missed calling as a model.

Many photos were taken on this day.
It was an interesting collaboration of the two
groups (SITU & Chamber).

Perhaps there will be more in the future.

What a fun day this has been!

Seems that everyone was dressed in their festive finery,
Springer Spaniels included!


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