Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Vintage Band Concert
The Band of 1900

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Maestro Phillip Wilkinson assembled musicians and singers
for the annual performance by the Vintage Band.

This year's Conductor of the Vintage Band
was the esteemed Dan Kexel.

Maestro Phil acted as the
Artistic Director for this concert,
giving those of us in the audience
background information about
each piece of music which was
going to be performed, a little about
the composer, as well as a short history
lesson of what was happening in the world
that might've inspired the composer.

The audience was captivated
by the music and the
background information shared.

For an afternoon performance in a church that holds 650 people,
this assemblage is actually impressive.  There were additional people
in the balcony area of the church.

Dan Kexel, Conductor

Philip Wilkinson, Artistic Director

Here are images of band members.  Perhaps you will recognize several
people from performing with other local orchestras?


After the "Fanfare For The Common Man"
had been performed, Phil
began to tell the audience about
the Battle of France.  He explained
that France fought for 6 weeks
before "falling" to the Nazis.

In 1940, Winston Churchill was
elected Prime Minister, taking over from
P.M. Neville Chamberlain.

Churchill correctly noted on June 18, 1940
 "The Battle of France is over. 
I expect that the Battle of Britain
is about to begin."

Phil commented that in 1969,
a Hollywood movie was made which
commemorated this famous battle
against the German "Luftwaffe."
An old-time musical record
was shown to the audience.

Guest Conductor, Sir Harry of Essex, was called from the audience
to lead the Vintage Band.  Sir Harry is British, a Historical Costumer and
Re-enactor.  It should be noted he was never in the military.
For this piece of music, he was asked to wear his WWII
R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) uniform.

Here is the video of the Vintage Band performing this famous tune.


Next on the program, was another surprise for the audience -
children coming into the concert to perform
"The Children's Marching Song!"

Typical children, they move quickly - faster than most cameras...

The Children's Choir of Grace Lutheran Church
has a very talented Director, Jacklyn Kellogg!

Jacklyn Kellogg, Director

Children's Choir Members

Once the children were in position, the adult choir and children's choir,
together with the Vintage Band, performed two beautiful hymns:
"The Navy Hymn" and "American The Beautiful"

Here is the video.


Phil Wilkinson now gave a history lesson about the Russian composer, Tchaikovsky.
Seems that the 1812 Overture was written in only 6 weeks in the
Autumn of 1880, in time for a celebration of the 25 yrs of the
Russian Tsar Alexander II and the completion of the re-building
of the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer (featured photo left).

There are several passages throughout the piece representing
the prayerful salvation (opening chorus), sounds of skirmish,
the vulnerable as a children's folk song, "cannon shots" from the orchestra,
and finally, the celebratory ringing of "all the bells of Moscow".


The conclusion of the concert was the challenging "1812 Overture"
which was a collaboration performed by the band,
the adult choir, and the hand bell choir.

The overture is normally quite long, so the videographer
has broken down the performance into various shorter segments.

Here is the shortened video.


Several members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
(the historical costuming group based in the general Seattle, WA area),
were spotted at this concert.  Also in attendance but not
pictured was Lady Victoria, wife of Sir Harry of Essex.

Lady Paisley of Seattle

Mr. Terry Cheetham

Countess Cassimira

Miss Julie

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful afternoon of music.

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Updated Nov. 11, 2012

**Photo credit to
for the photo of the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer.