Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Valentine Dinner
February, 2011
Members and Friends of the historical costuming group,
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, gathered  in February to enjoy a
Valentine meal in the romantic restaurant, The Tuscan Tearoom!

L-R: Jason MacLochlainn, author of The Victorian Tailor, joined us this night for some excellent Italian fare.  Miss Kathy of Realm of Regalia fame, chats up our newest member. 
The lovely Miss Candice looks stylish her her chapeau!

The waitstaff at the restaurant geared up to handle our large crowd.
The place was in tip-top shape, ready for our arrival.

Here, Miss Bobbie (left) welcomes
Miss Joan, dressed in pink.
Miss Candice is going to be seated
at Jason's table.

Long-time friends, Miss Kathy and Miss Bobbie, pause long enough for a photo.

Our participants settle themselves at tables to enjoy a glass of wine...

Jason amuses his tablemates with a series of stories and "schtick!"

Queen Julia, came dressed as an 18th century "Queen of Hearts"
this evening, complete with Rococo wig!

The Countess Cassimira is darling in her fetching hat she created!
She is hostessing the Valentine gathering this evening.

Miss Janine and Mark are a delightful couple from England.
Their tablemate this evening, is Mr. Rob.

L-R: At the same table, is Miss Barb, Miss Kimberly,
Miss Susan and Miss Debra.

Miss Joan is recounting a story which the Countess finds amusing.
One can wonder if the story has to do with Victorian costumes.

A waitress lines up teapots which will be used by some of our participants.

Another section of the restaurant featured large china hutches with beautiful
and decorative items of interest.  We'll check that out later!

Here is our pretty restaurant owner.  Doesn't she have panache?
When next you find yourself in West Seattle,
be sure to visit and say hello to Aimee Pellegrini!

Some of members ordered an assortment of delectables
which were served on an attractive 3-tier platter.

The presentation of the food was lovely.
We salivated from the aroma of the food.

This is our charming waitress. Sir Harry of Essex enjoys the food!

After dinner, the Countess began reciting poetry for our group.

The poem read by Mark (in perfect English accent and pitch),
was written by Sir Albert (father of SITU's Sir Harry of Essex)
of his lovely wife, the late Lady Ann.

People were spellbound by the candlelight and romantic poems.

Now it was time to play our gift exchange game.  We were on pins and needles
waiting to see what would be received as part of the exchange...

Everything from tea related items, candles, to scented writing papers.
There was yet more packages to open!

"What did you get over here?"

Queen Julia struck gold - a footed, pedestal cake stand was her prize.

A worthy prize for the Queen of Hearts!


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Updated March 15, 2011