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Easter Parade

April 23, 2011
Several Members and friends of the historical costuming group, Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, dressed in Victorian-inspired costumes,
Lady Victoria's Cocker Spaniels (Bentley-Bob, blond, and Topper, black), dressed in their festive Spring finery as well.
As it was an incredibly warm day, Lady V came prepared with water for dogs and juice for the SITU parade participants.
As we stood in the staging area at one end of town,
we noticed a number of people on the side-lines with
their dogs and children.

Wait - these aren't dogs.  They're COWS!

It is always so interesting to see all the different groups as they fall into line for the parade.
Here, our ladies dress in vintage clothing, some in Victorian walking skirts or other Victorian-inspired dress.
Suddenly, it was our turn to step into line.  Fortunately, the town of Snohomish is not very long.  Walking 4 blocks or so is totally "do-able."
The Countess Cassimira (green) and Miss Joan (cinnamon) View of townsfolk as we walk past.
L-R:  Sir Harry, Miss Marjorie, and Miss Christa Sir Harry of Essex came along, also festively dressed for Spring!
Miss Debbie Blount, Artist, walked with the members of SITU. Miss Debbie's little Boston Terrier, was frightened of all the noise coming from the big drums.  Pibbles felt safer walking with the boy Cockers!

All sorts of people sit along the sidelines to watch.

This gentleman is always out in the crowd, every year,
like clockwork.

This year, he has an amusing hat on his head.
He also appears to have brought an
Easter basket with decorations too...


The little girls in the tu-tu's are bright and easily spotted.  The girls are very enthusiastic as we walk past!

Miss Aloise (grey) and Miss Marjorie (beige) share a joke. L-R: Miss Christa, the Countess Cassimira, Queen Julia.

Smile pretty for the camera, ladies!

Our Easter Bunny (Lady Victoria), pauses after the parade
to have a photo taken with Sir Harry of Essex
and the Cockers.

The parade was great fun with so many
children waving enthusiastically as we passed by.

We will definitely have to participate again!

Pibbles hides her face in Miss Debbie's neck.
Doesn't Debbie look great in Lady Victoria's hat?
After the parade, our merry group stopped to eat a burger.
Seated out on the patio was a darling little girl in yellow tu-tu.
Just look at the top of all these hats.  Flowers blooming everywhere!!!
Snohomish is a good town for Victorian antiques.  Strolling thru, we spotted a number of very good deals.
Miss Debbie poses just outside of the mayor's residence. Miss Marjorie also paused long enough for a photo to send her auntie.
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Updated, April 25, 2011