Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Easter Bonnet Workshop

April 17, 2011
Bellevue Public Library

Guest Instructor:  Vanetta Cash


The historical costume group from Seattle, Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, gathered together one afternoon in order to prepare Easter Bonnets.  Many of the ladies planned to participate the following weekend in the Snohomish Easter Parade.
A wildly decorative hat was in order!
Each of the ladies were asked to bring a hat to decorate, to the Workshop.   Silk flowers to use, were provided by
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited for free.

It was the responsibility of each of the ladies
to come up with something really creative!

Here, Miss Vanetta holds up a book,
full of wonderful photos, as inspiration.

Queen Julia (left) brought a friend along this time.
We can see they have a pink theme started.
Another participant wanted her hat to do "double duty" -
Easter Parade AND Red Hatter's Club!
Miss Vanetta strolls past with a bear she has dressed. Here are a few of the beautiful hats Vanetta has created!

Miss Beverly spread out a roll of buckram so she can give strength to one of the hats she has brought to decorate.

Here, Miss Vanetta is spotted sewing the buckram to the hat. Take a peek - which flowers would you like to choose?
Lookin' gooooood!  The pink flowers are so artistically placed...

Here Miss Vanetta gives us ideas of how to mount the flowers quickly to a hat.
She is using a hot glue gun, while other are hand sewing the flowers into place.

Jan, a visitor to the Bellevue Library on this day, swung by to see what we were doing.
It wasn't long before she was involved and had fashioned an clever hat for herself!
Miss Christa is spotted taking notes.... This is the hat that she and her mother created!

This is the finished hat of Miss Beverly.  The red fabric really sets off all the lavender!

Lady Victoria of Essex also decorated a hat.  As it is a surprise, it was not featured in these photos.
To see the final products, be sure to visit the Snohomish Easter Parade images.

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Updated May 1, 2011