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The Tudor Family Reunion
January 8, 2011

How is Uncle Hank doing in his search for a happy wife and a legitimate heir?  What about Aunt Mary, is she still such a religious fanatic?  And how about good Aunt Lizzy, will she ever decide on who she wants to marry?  Is Cousin Eddie feeling any better?

You get the drift, it’s time to dish the dirt and find out just what the Tudor family has been getting up to over the centuries.  We’ll be in the wonderfully Gothic hall of Trinity Episcopal Church, right in the center of town. 

The hall will be candlelit and overhead will hang the heraldic banners of the various tribes and families.  Tudors will be gathering from the far corners of the county, come to recognize and be recognized. 

Join us in this happy throng as we celebrate the feast of Twelfth Night.  See the clan and ring in the New Year with tradition and style!

There’s no cost to leave your carriage in the "open field" (parking garage) near the church. Raven Rook, caterer to royalty, will be bringing minions to prepare a fabulous feast on site for you.  You will not have worry about totting victuals for sustenance, as all will be provided.

As our own cellar is depleted as of late, you are welcome to bring your own wine or ale for your enjoyment.  Please respect the atmosphere and bring beverages in period appropriate containers. 

The four course menu includes delicacies from abroad such as olives, lemon, almonds, cardamom, and melon.  Roast beef with pepper sauce, roast chicken with lemon sauce, fish with rosewater sauce, are some of the dishes for you to select from.  There will be enticing sweets to tempt your palate—Custard Lombard, apple turnover, cakes.  All will be prepared with skill, a feast to celebrate the holiday season.


Come in your finest robes and gowns.  You may dress in the era that pleases you, although most of the family is from 1450-1650.  Of course there is plenty of Tudor blood in later generations, so your choice of attire is quite broad. 

We will have a story teller to amaze you with tales of mystery and magic.  We will have a harpist to delight you with the songs of angels.  We will have other entertainment as we know jongleurs and troubadours on the road sure to be looking for a place to tarry during winter time.

(Image is from "Heartland Renaissance Faire"
as featured in: "BAM's Blog".)

Step back from the Yule tide madness of today and join
a more gracious and refined holiday celebration-- 
Tudor Family Reunion
at Twelfth Night

When:   Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trinity Episcopal Church
8th and James
East of downtown Seattle

Time:   6pm - 10pm
Parking:   There is a parking garage for our use at the southeastern corner of 8th and Columbia.
Reunion Entry:   Enter to the reunion, via the courtyard behind the black forged iron fencing.  Either the gate will be open, or you will be buzzed in.
Attire:   Tudor through Victorian.
What to Bring:   All guests are requested to bring their own table service.  Please include large and small plates, drinking vessel and cutlery.  (This helps to lower the cost since we don't need to rent the service for the feast.)  **Please bring a cloth to wrap your dirty tableware in for transport home.  Kitchen facilities are limited.

If you wish to bring your own wine, mead or ale, please respect the spirit of the event and bring your product in a period appropriate vessel.  Options include decanters, cloth wrapped bottle, etc.  If you need ideas, contact: LadyVictoria "at"
Food Allergies:   All dietary needs MUST BE REQUESTED AT THE TIME OF RESERVATIONS.  

Food will not be prepared on site.  Everything for the feast will arrive finished, no special ingredients will be available to accommodate last minute special dishes.
  • The meal arrives family-style.  You choose what you wish to eat from each course delivered to the table.
  • All dishes are vegetarian, except the beef, chicken, and fish.

Again, if you have a special need, please alert our Treasurer "at" when you have made your reservation.

Reservations:   $38.00 Member Pricing
$45.00 Non-Members
$30.00 Children
Payment Options:    

By Personal Check


Make out your check to:
Bobbie Kalben
(not SITU!)

Send your check to:

PO Box 28117
Seattle, WA  98118

By PayPal

(A small handling fee will
be charged.)

Tudor Reservation Pricing

Seating is limited to 65  attendees.

All funds need to be received by Dec. 29th.

We look forward to your presence at our reunion.

Should you have a query or require assistance,
please contact: LadyVictoria "at"

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