Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Summer By The Sea

Participants arrived to the picnic wearing a variety of Victorian fashions and carrying their picnic goods.

Miss Bobbie (in swimming costume)
and John arriving.

Sir Harry of Essex (dressed in white)
officiated as the Bocce Ball Scorekeeper.

Miss Kimberly (in swimming costume) chats to Terry.

As shelter from the suffering heat of this day, a delightful gazebo was nestled in the trees and even had its own bridge as an entry.


Countess Cassimira suggests that we step inside the gazebo to share in some of the delightful salads and treats!

Aaaaah, is that a blueberry pie under that little tent?

Miss Marjorie take a load off to sip iced lemonade.

Who is hiding behind the parasols?
Why, it's the pretty ladies of the historical costuming group,
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited!
Don't you just love their Victorian dresses?

Gentlemen - What say you to a gentlemen's game?

The men begin the Bocce Ball game...

Lob your ball as close as you can to the tiny ball in
the field of play.

OH!  This is going to be a tight game!

Sir Harry is keeping a
very close eye on
the location of the balls
and the scoring.

Countess Cassimira spreads out her blanket in
the sunshine.  She too, is wearing a swimming costume.

Lady Paisley (right) serves up lunch to Miss Karen.

Here, we see Miss Candice (standing), Miss Bobbie (in navy) speaking to Miss Barbara (dressed ivory.)

Friends relaxing after a satisfying lunch...

I saaaaay - who are these
cute Bathing Beauties?

Miss Beverly toasts us and our good health.  She is wearing a dress from Hawaii, topped off by a sunny hat!

Miss Candice looks GREAT in her new walking skirt!

Miss Kimberly poses in her new swimming costume. So cute!

"Men with Balls..."


"So John, what do you think
 if we..."

Two men engaged in
a strategy conversation.


Miss Julie has packed up some things and is heading to the entertainment in the park.

Miss Marion toasts us with a wine glass of cranberry juice!
What else did you bring?

Stu relaxes in the shade of the large trees
with a cool drink in hand.

Sir Harry of Essex is taxing a quick rest
between the tournament matches...

Denise and Joseph are found enjoying a chat
with the Countess Cassimira in the shade.

Miss Karen and Lady Paisley share a chuckle.

Some of the ladies nattered away,
while others were engaged with card games.


John has had a successful day
of Bocci Ball play!

Miss Kimberly paused long enough for a close-up.

Gene decided to stretch out a bit in preparation
before another game.

Suddenly, a visitor to the park became ill and the
Medic One Team was called in.
Once again, Sir Harry jumped into service,
directing traffic thru the park.

Concerned SITU members look on as
medical assistance is given to the woman.

It wasn't long before the gentlemen
rounded up a new set of players for another
round of Bocce!

One can only wonder what these two friends
are discussing in such a relaxing manner.

Miss Denise show us her rouged knees provocatively...

Queen Julie looks delightful in
her nautically inspired outfit.

The men seem not to notice...

...the ladies joyful at play!

While our gentlemen continue play,
many other members walk over to the pavilion
to see a performance by the talented
Gothard Sisters.  They can perform
intricate Irish dances, singing and telling of jokes.


Hundreds of people attended this free concert/performance.


Miss Marjorie in the gazebo,
still can hear the performance.

Miss Kimberly checks her new iPhone for messages.

(L-R) Rob, Agnes, Barb, Julie & Terry
are spotted in the audience, tapping their toes
to the wonderful music.


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