Easter is such a festive time of year.  It is when Pacific Northwesterners celebrate the return of sunlight to the region after a long winter of rain and gloomy grey skies.  On this day, the wind was still biting cold, but everyone was joyful and enthusiastic!

Several of the members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited were already in line with members of the Snohomish Historical Society.  We would be participating in the parade under their banner, not ours this time.

Here are some photos of the 2010 parade participants:

Historical Society members and local residents
Gary & Ardie McLean.
Gary also happens to be a local Windermere agent.
Lady Victoria of Essex and "Willy" (Kaiser Wilhelm) pose for the photographer at the head of the parade in the staging area.
One can tell how excited Willy appears to be...
Oh!  Can we come for a ride too? Not sure what group these kids represent, but they had "eggy" hats and carried the US flag proudly.

Miss Kennedy is wearing a hat (designed by Lady Victoria) over the top of her wintery hat.  The weather today is nippy, so it's good to have a little extra protection against the elements!

Left - Kennedy pets "Topper", Lady V's black cocker spaniel
(rescued by American Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Washington)

Above - Kennedy says "Hello" to 15 yr old "Willy" the pomeranian who happens to belong to Lady Victoria's mother.
Willy is a seasoned parade professional while Topper
is yet "in training."

L-R: Miss Sharon, Countess Cassimira and Sir Harry of Essex are sharing a joke
The ladies sure have done a lovely job decorating their hats!

These gals have spirit!!! "Tow-Mater" is always a hit with the kids.
The "Sauerkraut Band" is a colorful lot - just check out their bright costumes...
These darling ballerina-types look so darn cute in their tu-tu's.
"Which street are we meeting on today?" Hoppin' my bike and headin' for Lincoln!
Okay honey, you got your peddle-power juiced up?
Is your hat balanced?
Do you know where we're going?

Let's roll...


The Cathcart Unicycles on parade!!!

Wait!  What was that? Good glory, Margo, that is some kind of Easter Bonnet!!!
One-two-three-STOMP! The local farmers market turned out in color.

Representatives of Merrill Gardens are bunny-rabbit cute.

Miss Sharon looks attractive in her delicious pink outfit. Always a chic dresser, the Countess listens to Sir Harry.

Can you say, "Pyyyyy-rats"????

The Seattle Seafair Pirates make an appearance on The Moby Duck.
It was a close call.  Lady V spotted them working on the Duck just prior to the parade.
Now she wonders how many sticks of bubblegum it took to keep it together...

Aaaah, handsome men in 18th-century attire.
Little wonder that Lady Victoria swoons.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!  Hope you are behaved, or you might be taken onboard the Duck!

There they go, cannons ablazin'...

We're all "jazzed up" ready to dance too. Hey, is there a tree coming out of her head?
You GO, Mama!!! What's a dog to do? I take a bath and now I'm wearing a wreath.
Different modes of transportation.  Both are pretty cool, even if Somewhere in Time, Unlimited members
are more inclined to want to get picked up by the vintage ride!

L-R: Lady Victoria, Miss Ardie, "Topper" and Miss Joan.

Top: Aren't these two just precious?

Right: Sir Harry attempts a match with a pirate,
using only his cane as defense against a sharp blade!

This couple out in the audience, is all decked out in festive attire.
Lady V thinks they might be good recruits for SITU...

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Updated April 10, 2011

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Snohomish Easter Parade
April, 2010