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Snohomish Antique


May 15, 2010


Several members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited gathered in the historic town of Snohomish, Washington (USA) in order to participate in a little antique shopping, lunch and in general, hob-nobbing with town folks.

We chose the theme of 1920's/30's as the day was VERY warm.


Event Organizers for the City of Snohomish were delighted that a group of historical costumers came to town and happily took our picture for some future advertising! Sir Harry, who wasn't in the first photo, joined us now.
Good thing we had parasols along to ward off
the sting of the sun's rays!
Queen Julia was setting up an "artsy" sort of shot
with the help of the Countess Cassimira.
The Countess Cassimira shows off her
slender "flapper girl" legs and dainty shoes!
I spy Queen Julia doing some serious shopping.. Oh look!  There is that irresistible bauble over there!
The entire road was filled with tented booths. Here, a vendor has a mannequin dressed in flirty skirt!
It's good to take a rest from the heat by stepping into the shade. Miss Sharon looks striking in in her lemon yellow attire.
Our group paused for a picnic lunch along the river.
Nommmmmmm, strawberries!
What a combo - chocolate dipped strawberries
and "choco-wine" to enjoy!
Sir Harry enjoys a non-alcoholic beer. The Countess is showing off the jumbo fruit.

It was good to have a shady place to enjoy lunch together.

This photo was taken late in the day, and yet, there are shoppers looking
for something to take home.  We knew our shopping bags were
filled with hat pins, antique buttons, lace, and other bits
which would find their way into wonderful new
costuming creations!

Just look at the wonderful treasures that could be found...
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Updated on May 17, 2010