Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Gold Dust Centennial Parade
Gold Bar, Washington
July 24, 2010


This side (west) of the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range, is a small, historical town called Gold Bar.
As one might suspect from the clue given in the town's name, it was an important player in the
 late 1800's and early 1900's.

The members and friends of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (a historical costuming group based in the Seattle, Washington area of the United States) were invited to participate in the festivities of the annual Gold Dust Days in the small town of Gold Bar.

This year would be really special to the residents - they would be celebrating the centennial!

SITU members are practiced in the logistical requirements of a parade.  "Staging" for the parade would be done at the local grocery store's parking lot.

We arrived well in advance of the time given by the parade organizers, with the intention that we could find a place to leave the car in the shade (it was going to be a HOT one that day), and if luck would have it, a business which would allow us to use the lavatory.

Here to the right, we see the lovely Queen Julia applying some color to her cheeks.  Primping for one's fans and audience is very much needed.  The shade of large hats plays down one's natural coloring and good looks.  Over emphasized details helps, just as stage make up does in the theatre.

Ah!  The delightful Countess Cassimira has found a refreshing iced coffee.  I think there will be more than one of these to be enjoyed during the course of today's heat!

The SITU participants arrived early, wearing the type of clothing that would hearken back to what ladies and gents would have worn in 1910.

(Left) Miss Hannah is a little shy as she hasn't been in a parade with us before.  We think she'll come around.

(Above) Miss Judy and her niece are resting in the shade, waiting in the staging area for the parade to begin.

Also in the shade, we found a gentleman from town with
 his darling dog.  The animal was very animated
with all the activities going on!


The Red-Hatters!

It was suggested the ladies were to say "S-x", but they just laughed...

The local riding lawnmower teams were in position,
complete with flags.

This attractive dog seemed to be "on point"
with all the activities.  Where's the other dog?

(Above) The drill team receives some last minute pointers
from the team's captain.
"Lift your foot.  Count to.... then turn.... like this!"

(Right) The Red Hatter's Queen has a lovely daughter.
Her photo is here right.  A friend made this beautiful custom dress for her.

These gentlemen are from the WCWA (Washington Civil War Association).  Don't they look snappy?
Hard to not pay attention to a "man in a uniform"!

The rest of the WCWA members were found
hiding from the sting of the sun in a shady area of the yard.

The local Boy Scout Troop showed up and had
good representation of members in the parade too!

Here are a few examples of some spectacular vehicles
owned by collectors in the area.

Hiding almost in the shadow of the large truck to the left,
is a gangster type car with an exposed engine.
It has a fun name:
"Rat Bastard"

Here is a close-up of a few of our lovely ladies
and the Somewhere In Time, Unlimited banner!

(L-R) Miss Judy, Miss Michaela (niece), Queen Julia, Miss Hannah
Hiding a just out of view and carrying a parasol is Countess Cassimira
Not visible in the photo are fellow parade participants, Lady Victoria and Sir Harry of Essex.

We rounded the first bend in the road.

The residents of this cute, little, historical town lined the
road on both sides.  They pulled out their lawn chairs,
their wheelchairs and scooters,
the children sat on bikes or along the curbs.

Everyone was enthusiastically waving at us
as we walked down the street.

The heat of the day was getting to our group.  We went in search of refreshments via our contemporary
horseless vehicles, which were gratefully outfitted with air-conditioning to cool us down!

The question was where should we go?  The answer was quickly arrived upon and settled.
We would drive to Redmond, Washington to the British Pantry Restaurant.

At the restaurant, our waitress took pity upon our dried-out and parched conditions.
She brought many glasses of ice water to very grateful recipients.

(Above) A profile image of Sir Harry of Essex
and the Countess Cassimira just beyond.
(Above) Miss Judy looks radiant in the hat she decorated
and the blue dress she sewed herself.

(Left) Miss Hannah contemplates what might taste good.

(Above) Miss Michaela HAS considered the options
and they appear to be a bit overwhelming!!! (wink)

Cold pork tart, side salad, fruit and cheese - yum!

Curried pasty, fries and salad.

Steak and mushroom pie, also with fries and salad.

Although the adults of the group enjoyed the excellent British cuisine,
it was the younger members of our group who chose traditional
"Fish & Chips"
Aaaaaah, Miss Hannah has discovered
a terrific English dessert:


Cake, fruit, pudding, topped with whipcream.

Oh my.....

Having sated our appetites and quenched our thirsts, we headed back towards Seattle.

"Oh wait!"  Lady Victoria realized that Bellevue Community College would be playing host
on this day for the British car meet in the parking lot of the college.

As historical costumers, we couldn't let the opportunity to pose with stunning examples
of the most beautiful of vintage British motor technology.

It was time to find the Rollers, the Bentleys, the Jags, and roadsters!

(L-R) Lady Victoria, Countess Cassimira, Queen Julia.

Sir Harry of Essex with Queen Julia.

The Countess Cassimira

"I say, old chap, would you take an offer on this Flying Lady?"

"I kinda like this one," says Queen Julia.  It is slim and attractive, much like the beautiful model!
Here Countess Cassimira poses in the shade before yet
another handsome carriage.
"Just look at all those hoses!" exclaimed the Countess.
Lovely profile of hat, parasol, fan and feminine form!
"I think this car is sweet and probably economical to run too!" Sir Harry, the car suits your outfit.  What if we bought it for you?

"Seriously?  You'd negotiate a little deal on my behalf?"

The Countess and Queen Julia have found another beauty to consider.
This grey phantom would be a beauty going down the street...

Lady Victoria has found a sweet ride for herself.  She mentioned the color "goes"
with the 1910 outfit she is wearing.  Wonder how the feathers will fair
in this sporty rag-top...

Miss Hannah also made a selection for herself.
This little black and ivory number suits you well, Miss Hannah!

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