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Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Taproot Theatre's

"Charlie's Aunt"


Seattle's historical costuming group, Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, decided to purchase group tickets to the play called, "Charlie's Aunt".  The Taproot Theatre company which is located in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood, was putting on this comedy.

As part of the arrangements made by Taproot's Miss Sonja, SITU was allowed to participate with a "meet and greet" with the theatre's  lead costume designer who would explain to our group her concepts for the costumes produced.  It was agreed that the consultation would be held before the play would start one afternoon.

The group entered the upper level of the theatre where a lovely assortment of baked goods were beautifully displayed on a side table.  Everyone helped themselves to goodies and a cup of tea.

Seated L-R: Miss Kimberly, Queen July & Miss Christa

Seated: Miss Loveday,  Standing:  Costume Designer

Here, we see the costume designer in blue (Sarah Burch Gordon), showing her "story board" of images.
She explained how she and the director (Karen Lund) had conferred together about what "the look" would be for the play.
The costumer designer went off to choose a palette of complimentary fabrics for the costumes.

THIS play's costume, Sarah explained, would be set in Edwardian dress theme with long, lean dresses, custom hats,
beautiful Spring-like colors, all worn on young actors and actresses.

This is the custom hat designed by SITU's own
Miss Sharon.  Beautiful ribbon roses and bead tassel trim!
Here, Miss Sonja is taking notes and preparing her camera to
 capture her own images of the costumers gathered here.
Lady Victoria of Essex tips her head to show off her
 feathered hat and stylish scarf.
The members of SITU were seated in a designated area of
the balcony for a perfect view!

Miss Joan had a foot surgery and was condemned to wearing
'the black boot'.  It hid well beneath her long skirt!
Miss Joan giggles at being captured on film
while she consults the program.

Here, Miss Bobbie is spotted wearing HER custom hat she created, complete with silk flowers, netting & hat pin. An unobstructed view thru glass onto the stage
provided complete enjoyment by our group.

Miss Kimberly wore a spectacular costume to the play.
It is an original piece she purchased at a theater's costume sale.

Notice the fabulous trim and flattering design...

At the end of the play, we were invited to stage to take a group photo
and to meet the cast of the play.
It was fun to be dressed in Edwardian dress, rather than the
Victorian reenactment and attire several of us have done regularly.

Seated L-R:  Queen Julia,  Miss Joan, Miss Sharon
Standing L-R:  Lady Paisley, Miss Bobbie, Lady Victoria & Sir Harry of Essex, Miss Loveday, Miss Kimberly & Miss Christa

Everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to coming to Taproot again.
Thank you for allowing us to visit with everyone backstage and for the lovely treats beforehand!

Best of luck for a long run for "Charlie's Aunt"!!!


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Updated January 22, 2011