Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
Presents the Spring Event:

Bootleggers' Run

May 1, 2010


Members and friends of the historical costuming group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU) met up for a Bootlegger's rally.  The idea was to "drive over hill and dale" while following a specific, pre-mapped out route from the point of beginning (Marysville), to end at a Victorian mansion on Fir Island just outside of Mt. Vernon.  The weather in Marysville was not promising.  The skies had opened to a steady drizzle a few minutes before the first car had turned in at the start.

The day began in Marysville, at St. Mary's Catholic Church's parking lot.  Each driver & navigator were given the rally instructions, map and a red checkered flag, making it easier to see other participants.

Some teams pulled to the side of the lot to preview their exhibits.

These vintage cars are owned by members of the
Skagit/Snohomish Horseless Carriage group.

Our first team is leaving the parking lot now.  Good luck!!!!

Bootlegging-themed prizes would be awarded at the end of the rally.
Some might be beautiful barware items, adult beverages, vintage accessories...?

Lady Paisley & the Countess have arrived as a team for the rally.
Love the little brown jug...

"Look Ma, no hands!

Sir Harry of Essex shows the "Bootleggers" how to hold the full jug. Lady Victoria: "Quick! Snap the photo before one of us falls over!"
Who are these sassy young Bootleggers?

Do you recognize them?  They're new SITUers!

Even Terri of American Cocker Spaniel Rescue,
along with her cockers Sammy & Scrutly,
make for an interesting team of driver & navigators.
The home which was our end point after the rally, was a
stunning 1800's Victorian farm house.
As you can see, the fragrant wisteria was in full bloom,
just dripping from the veranda of the home.
As the drivers pulled around the corner, it was delightful to see the various styles, vintages and uniqueness of vehicles. Cars rolled down the lane past old poplar trees and rhodies.
Wonder what stories these could tell...


(Left) Miss Julie in white shoes, stops to
visit with Miss Beverly.

(Above)  A new couple to SITU, appears
to be consulting with Terry.
Are they discussing Bootlegging strategies?

Horseless Carriage aficionado, chats with
horse trainer aficionado!
Miss Marion sure looks sweet with
gal-pal (okay, husband) Stu.
Great fringes...
Miss Violet Clarisse paused long enough for our photog to snap her lovely image.  Isn't she a striking Bootlegger? Lady Victoria swung by the party too.
She's sassy showing off her leg, while honking the bulb horn!
Miss Julie, say "Cheeeeeeese"!
She looks so sunny and delightful in her 1920's frock.
Stu is busy consulting with the owner of this
beautifully maintained Horseless Carriage.
Darling photo of the owner of the green car.
She said she used to take her children to school in the car!
Husband & wife.
Cheshire Cat & The Cat Who Ate The Canary...
Beautiful, swallow-tail, wooden "Speedster", owned
by SITU members John & Jeannie.  Ain't she sweet?
The Bootlegging-Boys are busy sizing up the car.
This one is built for speed, not hauling hooch very well.
Bootleggers poured out of the house to find seating in the garden. The patio was set up in anticipation of our arrival.
The vintage cars just seem to "fit" the look of this old "Vicky"!
Home's co-owner Don, strikes a charming pose
wearing his vintage glasses & toasting with absinthe!
Hey Dan!  Don't think about heisting the car
for the next bootlegging run...
Home's co-owner George is amidst the cars,
admiring the old-style workmanship of the vehicles.
Look - it's Queen Julia!
Are you thinking of a car of your own in the future?


(Left)  Miss Denise surveys the field of cars (above).

For this rally, the Bootleggers hauled their ill-gotten-gains
in a variety of vintage and contemporary souped-up
vehicles, as evidenced by the line in the field.

Why Mr. John, what will you play for us now?
How about a lively dance number for us to cut a rug?

John is the owner of the Foxglove Guesthouse on Capitol Hill in Seattle!

Countess Cassimira was just rounding the bend out of the kitchen with a load of goodies from the potluck lunch.
I see that the music has caused her to sway a bit at mid-turn.
Miss Beverly and her new friend get caught up
with the tune coming from the old victrola.
How about a little turn, Miss Beverly?
"Cheers!"  A vintage dressed guy, at a vintage
style home, toasting with a vintage style drink!
Who's this pretty gal?  Why Miss Teri of Mt. Vernon.
She stopped by to visit with her European cousin Lady Victoria!

Miss Terry of American Cocker Spaniel Rescue is surrounded by fellow Bootleggers,
or might they be the Federalies?

Notice that the trunks are open?  Now, what sort of cargo did they haul today?

No worries!  "Sammy-Whammy" is on the trail...

Sammy turns to our photog with a question in his eyes.

"Did you call me?" 

Miss Terry (of American Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Washington)
seems to be whispering,
"Hurry up and take the photo!
The boys want to follow the trail over to the food..."

This Bootlegging team was busy planning how to get
their own rig like this for the next rally!
On the patio, Bootleggers were checking their routes while snacking on wonderful food from the potluck.
Thought they could hide away from the camera, but
Bootleggers have to be careful or their plans are overheard!
Miss Bobbie pauses long enough to point out the blossom.
Doesn't she look fabulous in her vintage attire?
Most Bootleggers chose to sit outdoors on the patio or veranda to enjoy the surprise sunshine

(Above) "So what do you think?  Shall be take the road over the hill, or take the scenic route?  Are we likely to run into Da Coppas???"

(Right) The owner of the green Horseless Carriage relaxes before the Bootleggers settle on the next route.

Looks like he came prepared with his basket!

Don seems to have that, "Were you looking for me?" on his face.

Miss Terry, Miss Julie and Miss Patricia make for a colorful adornment in this room!

Here in the sitting room, various Bootleggers are enjoying a snack before hitting the road again.

What-cha hear out in the garden?  What route are we taking back to avoid Federalies & Da Coppas?

Don seems a bit taken aback from the conversation with the Federalies who stopped by.  Looks innocent enough. Now, don't you be thinking you can talk that pretty lady out of her gorgeous green car!

Terry catches 40 winks while everyone is discussing "avoidance" strategies.

Good thing too, since he has a long route back to the Peninsula!

"...So there we were (Sir Harry & George Roth), looking at a beautiful vintage home surrounded by a beautiful turn-of-the-century landscaping.

We turned to see a Horseless Carriage exiting the drive.  The Driver stopped at the end as if he were checking directions.

I turned to George, the owner of the home and said,
'This is somewhere-in-time,' as we listened to the music coming from the victrola on the veranda.

We listed our glasses of absinthe and said,
'Cheers!  It is somewhere-in-time!' "

Memory of the day
By Sir Harry of Essex

If you'd like a home such as this, consider contacting George & Don.  They run the Home Tour Club and will happily include you on a tour of the most interesting properties they visit each week!

The members of SITU thanked our gracious hosts
of this event by providing them with a little
thank-you gift.

The reference to Southern-still
and bootlegging shouldn't be missed.

"Jack" was well received...

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