Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

"Ladies Who Lunch"
August 22, 2011

Nordstrom's Flagship Store
Downtown Seattle, WA

We began our tour upstairs in the John W. Nordstrom meeting room area where we met with our tour guide Leo.  He gave us a wonderful lecture on the beginnings of both Nordstrom as a corporation, as well as his personal career path within the store.

Lady Victoria had worked at a number of the retail giant's stores and even helped open the flagship "Store 1" in downtown Seattle when the store moved from the original location, into the landmark building previously owned and occupied by the classy retailer, "Fredrick and Nelson".

Being able to take over the F&N location was quite an honor.  Nordstrom paid great detail to the integrity of the structure, while they completely retrofitting for earthquake support, installed HVAC, and redesigned the floor plan.

The ladies and gents were busy chatting it up about traffic and their attire.  Leo was going to share with us the details of the various shoes on display behind us in the cases.

Sadly, we were not allowed downstairs to see the extensive "shoe vault" as we originally had hoped.

Our group moved to another floor to view additional display cases containing vintage shoes.
We were quite the entertainment for visitors to the Nordstrom Cafe on this day!

After visiting the upper floor, the group moved to
the lower level to partake in lunch at
"The Grill."


After everyone had enjoyed a delightful lunch,
some departed for home, while others of us
wandered outside to view the large
picture windows of the store which had been
staged with some of Nordstrom's terrific, vintage collections!


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"The Ladies Who Lunch!"

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