Somewhere in Time, Unlimited

Kla Ha Ya Parade
July 18, 2010

The weather clear and HOT the evening of the parade.
Members and friends of SITU were lined up in the
staging area with the Mayor of Snohomish, her
husband and their friends.  The excitement
was building as we watched all the floats
and participants begin the process.

Snohomish is a small historical town that hopes to
become part of the Victorian Society in America.

L-R: Miss Susan, Queen Julia, The Countess,
 Miss Marjorie, and Miss Sharon (seated)

L-R: Miss Sharon, Miss Joan, Lady Paisley

Warner Blake (husband of Mdme Mayor), looks spiffy in a Bowler hat!

Aaaaah, Sir Harry of Essex strikes a pose
wearing classic "Summer Attire" & Boater Hat!

Who do we have here?  Lady Victoria of Essex!
Dressing in "Swimming Costume" and accented by a
red parasol and sunglasses, she looks like
she's beating the heat tonight...

Warner had rescued as banner, part of a huge sign which had
represented the town of Snohomish far above Hwy 2!

Quick group photo before we begin on the parade route.

This was a fun float, covered in green frogs.

Here are sweet Boy Scouts, honoring country and flag!

Drill teams go over their routines.

Darling Lady Paisley enjoys a chuckle at some joke.

Lady Victoria and Sir Harry of Essex found the
shade of a tree to fend off the setting sun.

Here we go!  The residents of Snohomish are
lining the street and waving as us coming by.

Miss Joan, under parasol, follows closely
the long banner as it is carried down the street.

Miss Sharon's hat & Edwardian outfit looks great on
her slim physique, while in brown Walking Skirt, Miss Marjorie
is a good representation of 1909 attire.

Wave at the Judges!  Located under
the tenting, the parade judges are taking notes
while the announcer introduces our group
to the parade observers.

After the parade, we were invited back to
the Mayor's residence for dinner.
Here, we see the lovely Countess Cassimira
in a breezy summer outfit
as she strolls thru the garden at the home.

Elegant statue and the splish-splash of the
 fountain in the pond, really cool you off
on this kind of warm evening.

The Countess relaxes in the reception area before
everyone else arrives after the parade.

This space was formerly the main seating area of the
local Catholic church.  The property was transformed
into the mayor's home and yoga studio.  The space
is dramatic and stunning!

"Cheers!" Lady Paisley.  Wonderful selection of
wines and tasty Sangria to quench our thirst.

Miss Susan is busy chatting with a fellow guest.

Close of the incredible artwork on the wall.
Lady V & Sir Harry of Essex happened to be in the shot...

Lady Paisley in deep conversation.
Quantum physics?

Miss Sharon and Miss Joan, quite animated
about the parade experience.

Even indoors, the air is quite warm.

Warner (in white shirt) entertains guests.

Lady Paisley helps the guests already seated by
serving up the fantastic pasta dinner (prepared
by Mdme Mayor!) from the buffet spread.

Cute guest and friend of the family, poses
near all the lovely copper on display
over the range/oven.

Thank you Warner & Mdme Mayor for inviting
Somewhere in Time, Unlimited
to join you at your beautiful home for a
delicious dinner.  We enjoyed our
time together and look forward
to visiting with you again in 2011.

If you are interested in this fun historical costuming
group located in the Seattle, Washington area,
we invite you to visit our Homepage where
you can learn about us, view more photos,
check out our classes, videos, links,
items for sale, etc.

We look forward to having you "come play"
with us in the near future.

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Updated March 26, 2011