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"Antiquing In Snohomish"
May 17, 2009



The small historical town of Snohomish, Washington happens to be one of the favorite places to visit by the members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU). 

On this day, a few of us traveled north from Seattle to view the "Antique Fair" which was set up down the middle of the main street in town.

Vendors set up under collapsible tents, bringing out their brightly colored wares - all interesting finds for someone interested in "vintage", "collectible", "cozy" or into historical costuming!

Pictured here to the right, we find the delightful Miss Bobbie who is wearing a raisin colored corduroy walking skirt which she has fabricated.  To accessorize her skirt, she has designed and then created her charming hat, complete with silk pansies!

This vendor presented her wares in a very tasteful "staged" sort of manner.  Lady Victoria found this more appealing than having to dig through piles of jumble.

Notice how the vendor has brought in live greenery to add color and texture to her vintage finds?  Lovely....

We found this stall to also be very inviting.  There was a bit of that "shabby chic" flavor to the way that fabric, furniture, baskets and flowers were displayed.

Our ladies assessed the white touring bike, considering it momentarily.  Alas, the shopping basket on front might simply NOT be large enough for all the shopping we do when we come to town!!!

What do you make of these ornamental poles?  They were created by the husband of one of the shop owners.  They would look stunning in the backyard as a support system  for plants or as decorative accents.

Let's get that man's card...

Our little Seattle group met up with Miss Joan (also a SITU member) who lives closer to Snohomish.  In this photo, Miss Joan is pictured in a blue outfit, evocative of the late 1890's.  Her blue hat is a tri-corn, decorated with feathers.

A young girl and her mother asked to have their photo taken with the SITU ladies.  "Say cheese!"

As one can see, the buildings in Snohomish are both historical and inviting.

A few of the stores have that "something" that make them so interesting.
Here are two examples of that vintage, high style French or English that appeals to a few of us.

The Star Center Antique Mall is a favorite haunt for many people who visit Snohomish.  There are 3-4 floors of fascinating items for those who have various collections.

Do you have a need for a long hat pin?
Are you looking for a beautiful vase for treasures from your own garden this summer?
Looking to add  a piece of furniture?

Come visit the mall....

Sir Harry wanted to swing by a particular kind of store for something they had to sell in which he had interest... Lady Victoria pointed out a store in town with a stunning leaded and stained glass window in a door. Beautiful!!!

Compared to the prices in Seattle, homes in Snohomish are quite affordable.

Several of us pine for homes that are reflective of our historical costuming taste.

What would YOU choose?
Stone Gothic?  Craftsman?  Dramatic Victorian?

We enjoyed our time in town and look forward to coming back again for next year's antique street fair!

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